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Unique Dining Room Designs in 2020

    Some families tend to adopt a casual approach to host various gatherings in today’s modern world, whether be it dinner around the kitchen table, breakfast in a comfortable banquette, or lunch at the kitchen island. Dining room tables often seem to be reserved for fancier or special occasions and some festivities. These rooms are cozy and should be built into a hub for entertainment and having family time. There are some dining room décor designs that would match your taste, be it graceful elegance of antiques or spreading calm colors around your dining room, to bearing risks with trying saturated hues or some bold wallpapers. Take a look at these beautiful dining room ideas and start to create a vision for how you want to design your space.

    Dining Room Décor Ideas:

    Style It Up With Glamorous Chairs

    Try and upgrade your dining room by starting with the dining table chairs. If you want to add a statement to your dining room, then pick out two distinctly different chairs from the others. Elegantly composed end chairs will provide quite a sophisticated balance when paired with designed custom chairs. Another thing to consider when buying chairs is finding the right texture and design to match the other decor in the room. 

    Balanced Styling

    Try to modernize your dining area with some industrial-style lighting. You can add balance to this streamlined look by adding in some natural furnishings, like a beautiful distressed wooden table along with wicker chairs. Black-and-white photographs around the room will also add a personal touch to it. There are many other ways to balance your style, and sometimes it can take a while to find the perfect piece of furniture to fit the vision you have created for your space.

    Playful Space

    While working in a tight area, try to maximize your dining space with a banquette and a beautiful pedestal table. Try to mix some bright and retro hues and graphic cushions or pillows with a lovely tulip table to complete the look to make a playful space. An Eames-inspired side chair will add an extra seat without occupying a lot of extra space.

    Minimalistic Look

    Take an uncomplicated approach to your dining room and go for a wood and iron combination, with a simple table liner paired with textured chairs. Illuminate the dining space with industrial vintage lighting and a round mirror hanging on the wall to make the area feel more open.

    Enchanted Setting

    Try covering one of the walls with wallpaper, and watch how the room transforms. Millions of wallpapers can bring out an epic sense of romance and playfulness in your dining space. Add some chairs with elegant and simple details, like nailhead trim and tufting. It will create a cohesive color palette that will be elegant and cozy.

    Fill it with Patterns.

    Adding two different colors and textured fabrics to a chair can create a unique touch to your space. You can create delicate and rustic dining chairs with seats upholstered and made up of distressed leather. Floral curtains can soften the window and bring the feeling of coziness to your space, and if you want to get crazy, add a brightly colored chandelier. 

    Pleasing Variation

    If you are up to creating something unexpected with your design style, then a white room with dark accents may be for you. Try creating a dining room with white walls and modern industrial style with some galvanized chairs and oversized chrome pendants. White walls offer flexibility when it comes to design. If you are a person that changes decor often, then white walls and bold statement pieces are meant for you. The chic juxtaposition is all-together appealing and quite modern.

    Two-in-One Design

    Embrace the versatility of slipcovers in your dining room. Try adding tailored white slipcovers, which will create a casual vibe of the sea coast when combined with a farmhouse table. When you require a more classy look (or you’re ready to change it up), you can remove the linen’s slipcovers to reveal the gray-colored tufted armchairs that provide more of a formal feel.

    Take in the View

    If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful natural backdrop with a view, why not take advantage of it? In those relaxing spaces, add a streamlined table with simple and comfortable chairs that will create a minimalist style without destroying your beautiful surroundings. To enhance a relaxing vibe, try making the lighting more natural and less obtrusive.


    Adding an artistic touch to your dining area can be a conversation starter among your guests. A beautiful woven rug brings in warm texture and creates a soft place for your feet to rest. Also, consider bringing your favorite piece of art into the dining room and making it the room’s focal point. 

    Family Space

    The farmhouse-inspired dining table can help create a better flow throughout our house, especially if your dining room opens up into the kitchen or living room. The long weathered grey table surrounded by Parsons and cane back chairs creates a relaxed and inviting environment. By using a rustic copper finish, you can achieve a homey and glamorous vibe.

    Intimate Gathering

    It is heavenly to find a dining area with a warm fireplace on a cold winter night. From the ceiling to the floor, windows are flooded with the sunlight in the daytime, and then evenings will become a comfortable retreat near the fire to share food. Woven chairs are appealing with an elegant metal and wood table.