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Great Ways To Upcycle Old Pillowcases

    Upcycling is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a way to breathe new life into your home but don’t have too much time or money! Upcycling can help you save money and resources and add personality to a room—all from items that would otherwise be discarded. Old pillowcases are incredibly versatile, so today, this article will discuss some great ways to upcycle them into useful things around your home. You’ll be amazed at how creative and productive you can get with just one old pillowcase!

    What Does It Mean To Upcycle?


    Upcycling is a form of reuse that transforms something of lesser quality into much greater. It involves giving an item new life instead of throwing it away. Upcycling encourages creativity and resourcefulness, allowing people to make unique pieces that can be used in their homes or places of work. In addition, upcycling requires very few resources since all objects used are reused and not thrown away.

    What’s more, upcycling saves money by finding useful ways to turn something old into something functional. By taking items that have outlived their previous purpose and turning them into something novel and beneficial, you can reduce pollution levels and consumption of items made from newly produced materials. Consequently, upcycling is an excellent way for individuals to reduce their environmental footprint without sacrificing function or fashion.

    Great Ways To Upcycle Old Pillowcases

    Reusable Grocery Bags


    Reusable grocery bags are a great way to reduce your use of plastic, thus making it easier on the environment. Making your reusable grocery bags with old pillowcases is surprisingly simple and can produce an incredibly attractive result. All you need is an old pillowcase, material for straps such as fabric or webbing, matching thread, and a sewing machine (or some needle and thread).

    First, sew the straps onto the pillowcase in whatever style or length you prefer. When that’s finished, fold the top of the pillowcase to cover what you plan to put inside it. You can also use fabric glue when folding it down if needed, but keep stitching around all four sides, so it stays secure. Once the bag is secure with all stitches securely made, your newly created reusable grocery bag is ready to use!



    You can easily make curtains out of old pillowcases with creativity and simple materials. All that is necessary is to use an iron and enough material for the project. First, fold the open end of the pillowcase into a hem and secure it with an iron. The extra material should be about double the length of your curtain rod for each side panel.

    Assemble rectangular panels by joining two pillowcases using fabric glue or basting stitches. Hand sew them into place and create pleats along the top edge if needed for a better fit. For added decoration, you can add trim like lace or ribbon detailing along with the top and bottom hem for more visual interest. The last step would be to assemble all the panels with a standard curtain rod pocket at the back – allowing easy installation onto a window frame – to instantly give your home a new look!

    Pet Bed Cover


    Making your pet a bed cover from old pillowcases can quickly and easily show your furry friend some extra love. It doesn’t take long-all you need is an old pillowcase, scissors, some fabric glue or thread, and a needle, preferably quilt batting. First, measure the size of your pet’s bed and cut the pillowcase two inches shorter on all sides to ensure you have plenty of room for tucking in.

    Then stitch or glue batting around the edges to provide insulation, adding extra if you think it’s necessary. Finally, fold up any remaining fabric and wrap it around the mattress to create a neat-looking border. Your pet will love burrowing into this cozy bed cover – and they won’t even know it’s made from recycled materials.



    Scarves are a great way to add a fashionable flair to any outfit. DIY enthusiasts will be pleased to learn how easy it is to make stylish scarves using old pillowcases. First, cut the pillowcase horizontally in half, creating two rectangular pieces of fabric. All you need is one pillowcase and the right tools, such as scissors, a fabric marker, and pins.

    Next, fold in the four sides of both fabric sections at least one inch inward and pin them securely. This will create a hem around the entire length of each piece of fabric. Lastly, use a pencil or marker to draw or trace desired dimensions on each scarf. Cut out the marked fabric pieces, and voila! Your beautiful new scarves are ready for wearing!



    Making aprons from old pillowcases is a great way to reuse materials and have fun crafting something unique. It is a simple upcycling project that anyone with basic sewing skills can accomplish. To begin, carefully cut along the seams of an old pillowcase to open it up and trim the excess fabric away.

    Cut out a bib pattern from the top center portion and leave a hem allowance, then cut two equal-sized strips from the bottom portion for straps. Hem all raw edges of the fabric before you stitch the bib onto the straps on either side; be sure to use reinforced stitching for extra strength in stress points. From there, simply add any decorative embellishments you’d like and put on some safety pins to adjust it to your desired size – you now have a one-of-a-kind handmade apron!

    Cloth Napkins


    Making cloth napkins with old pillowcases is an easy and budget-friendly way to spruce up any dining table. To begin, cut the pillowcase along the top seam so that it is two separate rectangular pieces of fabric. Hem two sides of each piece to prevent them from fraying. All you need are basic sewing materials, like thread and a sewing machine.

    Then, combine the two rectangles by placing them together wrong-side out and pinning the sides closed before sewing a straight stitch along them for a finished edge. Flip the napkin right-side out and press with an iron to set your seam, and voila – you have homemade cloth napkins! Not only are they beautiful and useful, but they also make a great conversation piece!

    Pet Toys


    Making pet toys out of old pillowcases is a great way to practice creativity while being environmentally friendly. First, cut armholes into the pillowcase and slip them over your pet’s head. Then, secure the armholes with a needle and thread. For added fun, you can even sew fabric around the edges, like fringe or tassels.

    To finish off, add some stuffing on the inside of the pillowcase, like old clothes or pet-safe fabrics, for more comfort. Not only are these cute toys for your furry friends, but they are also durable and will provide them with lots of cuddling and playtime!

    Blankets And Quilts


    Reusing old items to create something new is a great way to be creative and sustainable. One uniquely easy project that uses discarded pillowcases is the production of cozy blankets or quilts. From one simple pillowcase, you can transform it into its own individual blanket or stitch together several pillowcases to construct a larger quilt. Start by cutting out the seams of the pillowcase and ironing out any wrinkles.

    Next, measure and cut the fabric of your choice to size, then secure them with pins or clips before stitching them together. Finally, stuff each pocket with batting and sew shut – when all pockets are completed, join them with a decorative stitch or simply attach each pocket at the center. Nothing beats curling up in a homemade blanket! With little effort but impressive results, transforming a once-disused item into something beautiful and useful can be enjoyable.

    Upcycle Your Old Pillowcases Today!

    As you can see, there are so many great ways to upcycle old pillowcases into useful and stylish items. From scarves and aprons to pet toys and blankets – there’s something for everyone! You never know what kind of awesome projects you may come up with! So why not get creative today with your old pillowcases?