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What Drinks Not to Make for Your Gathering

    Grapefruit and rosemary gin cocktail, refreshing drink with ice.

    You want to make sure you’re fully stocked when you host a dinner party or a holiday get-together. You have your food in order; there’s beer and wine readily available: now, you just need to figure out the liquor situation. If you put out multiple bottles of liquor, you risk spending too much money and your guests drinking too much. Cocktails could be the answer: but there are some you should avoid making.

    The Cocktails You Shouldn’t Make for Your Gathering

    Ones That Have a Shelf Life

    Fresh juices can truly brighten up a beverage, but they don’t last forever. If you’re considering a pre-made drink for your occasion, make sure the batch will be finished within a few days, so you don’t waste juice or other fresh ingredients that only taste good if they’re used very fresh, such as muddled fruit.

    Whiskey Sour Cocktail with a Egg Whites

    Ones That Use Egg Whites

    Egg whites can bring a lot to a drink, particularly an interesting mouthfeel. Unfortunately, they’re not ideal for pre-made batches. Egg whites require quite a bit of shaking in order to get the intended effect. And when you’re making large batches for your gathering, the drink is often sitting in a bowl or pitcher most of the night, excluding some stirring and scooping. This could be a health hazard.

    Ones That Cost Too Much

    If you have a favorite drink to order at the bar, but it has seven ingredients, avoid using that recipe for your latest shindig. With each additional ingredient, your cost to create the drink will rise. With that in mind, avoid drinks that require expensive ingredients. Either look to replace the ingredient with a cheaper variation or scrap it altogether.

    Summer drink from elderberry and lemon inflorescences.Cooling drink.Floral champagne.

    Those That Require Sparkling Beverages

    Whether it’s club soda or champagne, avoid making a drink that requires a sparkling beverage. A Bellini can be beautiful, but it is best to avoid when you’re making ahead of time, or else the fizz from the prosecco will flatten out before your guests can enjoy it.

    Spanish fruit Sangria

    Consider Making These

    If this list seems overwhelming, have no fear. There are plenty of drinks that are meant to be made in large batches. Rum punches are great for any occasion. Despite the use of juices, they’re a popular drink for guests and something you wouldn’t mind having the day after. Margaritas are another option, especially for a pool party or barbecue, because of the limited number of ingredients and a broad spectrum of tequilas to mix things up. Also, try sangrias, negronis, and even martinis if you have a cost-friendly vodka or gin that you prefer.

    Negroni cocktail one part gin, campari, sweet vermouth with orange

    Margarita cocktail

    Having a cocktail ready for your next gathering is a splendid idea, but consider your approach. Think about if it will be popular enough that most will be drunk up before fresh items go stale, whether the ingredients will sit well over hours of entertaining and expense. Parties can become costly when you consider the cost of food, decorations, and everything else involved, so don’t let the signature drink weigh you down!