What Kitchen Knife Set Is A Good Choice


What Kitchen Knife Set Is A Good Choice?

It kind of makes your head spin, there are so many choices to choose from when you start searching knife sets. Is more expensive better, do I buy individual knives, do I buy serrated knives or ones that you sharpen? It’s hard to make a decision without holding them and seeing the quality?  At HouseLifeToday we try to write about products we have personal experience with, then give you a starting point with a link to a particular product or products so you can start your own search.

I have owned several sets and can only offer my opinion based on experience. The last set I owned was a serrated set that worked well at first but after time it was hard to sharpen and keep sharp. So, in a nutshell, I’m not a fan of having an entire set that is serrated, having a few in the set is a good idea because I particularly like using a serrated knife for cutting bread.

I do think the price can be an indicator of quality but there is a limit in my opinion. I have tried the cheaper sets that sold for around $65.00 to $100.00 and they just didn’t hold up for long and they didn’t have that look and feel of quality. You can spend $2,000 plus on a set but they still need to be sharpened and maintained like the middle of the road ones. Don’t get me wrong I like high-quality and cool-looking knives but there is also a price to value limit so these expensive sets are not for me.

I have found that if you buy individual knives you then usually need to buy the block to hold them and the sharpener to keep them in shape. After adding all the pieces, it usually works out to be more expensive, so I have found that if you buy the set you can save a little money. Later, if desired, you can always buy a few individual knives to fill out the set.

I was looking for a quality set that would last me for the long term and after much research and reading reviews, I found the Zwilling J.A. Henckels. I have been very pleased with this set, it’s the middle-upper end of the price range. They sharpen very quickly with only a few passes on the provided sharpening tool. They are quality built and have a good hand feel. The set has all the knives I need and I didn’t need to buy additional pieces. After a year they still look new and have held up very well.

The set I bought was the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature but I also think their International Forged Premio, their Distinction, and their Professional sets are of high quality as well. I’m sure there are other quality brands but this is the one I have found that I was happy with.

Happy knife hunting and I hope you find the information in this article helpful.

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