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10 Brands That Sell Environmentally-Friendly Furniture


    When it comes to furniture, it is one of those things that tend to cause a lot of harm to the environment because of its destruction of rainforests and non-sustainable production processes. However, that being said, over the years there has been increasing awareness about sustainable furniture and more and more brands are turning towards producing environmentally furniture.

    To make it easy for you, we have made a list of the top 10 brands that sell environmentally- friendly furniture. Not only are their pieces sustainable but also tasteful and aesthetic.

    West Elm

    If you’re looking for a brand that sells modern and trendy furniture, yet is sustainable and environmentally-friendly then look no further. West Elm is famous worldwide for its unique designs of furniture for your bedroom, dining room, living room, office, and any other room you can think of! It is the ideal brand for all environmental lovers as the brand states its commitment to sustainability and forest conservation. There are many different options for you to choose from so you can take your pick!


    One of the biggest aims of this brand is to produce sustainable and eco-friendly furniture. Another great thing about this brand is that it doesn’t use fire retardants or harsh chemicals. It uses upcycled and organic materials to create its beautiful furniture pieces. Get chic pieces of furniture for your bedroom, from the sleekest sofas and chairs to accent tables and so on. The best part is that you have the option to customize its modern and trendy pieces to your heart’s desire, if you still don’t like them you can return them without being charged, talk about customer service!


    From eco-friendly mattresses to bed frames, dressers and end tables, this brand does it all! All of their furniture is handmade using 100 per cent reclaimed wood. This means that it does not consist of any chemicals or retardants. Avocado is certified to be climate neutral and not only is it completely sustainable but they also give back to the environment. Not to mention that their pieces are simple yet classy and they will add a classy touch to your home.


    This brand prides itself on being comfortable and eco-friendly at the same time. Their sofas are one of the comfiest, and are pet-friendly too so that’s not something you have to worry about! They make their furniture using upcycled materials and recyclable packaging; they are shipped in 100 per cent recycled cardboard boxes. Their furniture is free of lead, flame-retardants, as well as formaldehyde. From living room seating and tables to storage items, all kinds of furniture pieces are available in the most beautiful designs!

    Etsy Reclaimed Furniture

    You must have come across this popular company! But did you know that they work with people who reclaim and upcycle furniture to sell it? Whether it’s coffee tables or shelves, benches, wall-art, you can take your pick! Etsy is famous for its handmade pieces that are 100 per cent original made by different artists all over the world. Your piece will be unique while not harming the environment at the same time so you can enjoy it without feeling any guilt!


    A perfect blend of comfort and sustainability, this brand is particularly famous for its bed frames. Their bed frames will provide you with the ultimate comfort and are made from repurposed rubberwood, which is sourced from sustainable plantations. They are delivered to your doorstep and are easy to assemble so that won’t be an issue for you. This brand goes a step further in its love for the environment by giving back to it. For every purchase that you make, they plant a tree. Isn’t that just amazing?


    You must be wondering what this intriguing name means, it means “living earth”. This brand features globally inspired furniture pieces that are the perfect blend of modern designs and natural materials. This includes bookshelves, sofas, side tables, chairs, mirrors, benches, tables, beds as well as home decoration all that are eco-friendly! Sustainability is their priority and that is not something that they sacrifice, even to the smallest degree. Their furniture is made from many different materials, such as organic fabric upholstery to reclaimed wooden frames, recycled glass etc.

    They source their furniture from small artisans across 20 countries in the world and the coolest part is that you can find out where exactly your piece was made and the materials that were used to make it.


    Are you looking for affordable eco-friendly furniture for your living room? Sabai is your go-to! Get the funkiest pieces of upholstered living room seating from sofas, pillows, sectionals, ottomans etc. Every piece is unique and is tailored to perfection based on what you want. You can choose your fabric, cushions, legs, colors, wood type, etc. All their materials are either upcycled or recycled. They are pet friendly, scratch-proof and stain-resistant.

    Urban Wood Goods

    This one-woman brand which started as a personal operation has turned into a full-fledged business in recent years. It uses reclaimed materials to make wooden tables of many styles and sizes from conference tables to charming two-seaters. They also include chic bar stools and benches. Their furniture is edgy and hip and will add a vibe to your home. This brand prides itself on sustainability so you can be rest assured that these stunning pieces are made keeping the environment in mind at every step.

    Made Trade

    This family-run company has simple, elegant furniture for your home. It is an eco-friendly brand that only uses sustainable products. They also offer other products such as carpets and curtains that are made from organic fabrics. Their ethical and eco-friendly furniture is aesthetic and will be the perfect addition to your home.

    Each of these 10 brands that sell environmentally-friendly furniture is unique and will provide you with the trendiest pieces that’ll add an oomph to your home.