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10 Cute And Small Kitchen Designs And Décor

    Every square inch of space in a small kitchen can make a difference. It is easy to update and implement kitchen ideas on a budget, as you do not require many materials. The galley kitchen or corridor-style kitchen is the most popular layout for the small kitchen. Here are ten ways to elevate the cooking space and maximize the square footage to give a more spacious kitchen feel. 

    1.   Consider Light And Airy Colors

    One of the easiest ways to transform a space is to paint one of the favorite budget kitchen ideas. If you’re thinking of painting the walls or cabinets, always remember – light colors make space feel less cramped. When you have light colors in the room, it allows both natural and artificial light the opportunity to bounce throughout the room. When you have dark colors, they tend to absorb the light and make a space look smaller and more intimate. 

    Colors play a huge part in defining the kitchen space. The amount of natural light is also necessary. Suppose your space is north facing or does not have enough natural light, use off whites and warm greys. Stark white paint in a low-light kitchen may end up looking dingy, so use the most popular and airy paint colors for kitchens. 

    2.   Maximise The Space Above The Cabinets

    Vertical space is key when talking about small kitchen ideas for storage. Add storage by using the space above the kitchen cabinets. Purchase a set of stylish bins, like decorative baskets and bins or creatively designed utility baskets or kitchen carts for all kinds of items you do not use frequently. Try DIYing the basket labels to keep track of everything. 

    3.   Hang Pots And Pans From The Ceiling Rack

    Hanging racks on the ceiling is another style to create vertical storage. You may hang pots and pans instead of racks, utilizing valuable space in the cabinet. If you do not have the space for a  rack attached from the ceiling, go for a wall-mounted rack. Whatever solution you go for, be sure it is rated to hold heavy pots and pans if that is what you require.

    4.    Bring In Color With a Small Rug

    Upgrade your standard kitchen mat with a vibrant flat weave rug of small sizes, such as 2′ by 3′ or a small runner. It is easy to introduce a bit of warmth and color to the small kitchen. You may find unique, fun designs of interior designers for reasonable prices. Find a rug woven from durable, easy-to-clean materials, such as washable cotton or recycled polyester. Be sure to use a rug pad that is non-slip underneath to confirm it remains in place, which is essential for high traffic areas such as the kitchen. 

    5.   Display Your Most Liked Functional Items

    When storage space is small,  the only place for things is on the countertop or wall. Try sorting the kitchen tools to the things you use, then use hooks to hang them from the wall or put them on display. Lay up the cutting boards or use hooks to hang them, add a magnetic strip on the wall for your favorite knives, or hang pans and pots on the wall in front of the stove.

    6.   Add Storage To The Inner Side Of Your Doors

    Another way to maximize small kitchen space is by adding storage to your cabinet doors’ inner side. Rather than cluttering the sink area with sponges and dish soap, keep everything away in a basket fixed to the inner side of the cabinet. There are reasonable over-the-door options, or you may try the DIY cabinet door ideas for storage. 

    7.   Switch Up Your Backsplash

    For an immediate impact on the small kitchen design, update the backsplash to something with a fun pattern or a bold color. There is an entire range of peel and stick backsplash in the market, which takes very little time to install. It will not take much to update a small place with several options under 15 dollars per sq. foot. 

    8.   Utilize The Space Under The Upper Cabinets

    Free up the counter space with one more storage solution rack installed on the underside of the upper cabinetry. It is the perfect spot for a paper towel holder. You may also find special racks made for hanging wine bottles or wine glasses. If you don’t like to fix anything to the cabinet’s underside, you may add a storage rack or a small shelf to the wall. It is the best spot for storing cooking utensils, dishes, or mugs.

    9.   Build Your Own Shelving

    As storage is crucial in a small kitchen, an open shelving kitchen design may make it feel larger and less compact. Also, it does not cost much if you try to do it yourself. All you require is some wood, nails, shelf brackets, and wall anchors to create extra storage. Ensure there are nearly 15 to 20 inches of space from your countertop to the bottom of the lowest shelf.

    10.   Add A Statement Light

    Many small kitchens have only one light, so it is the perfect chance to go for something bold. Make a statement with the unique flush mount light on a colorful pendant. For a statement in a small space, consider an oversized light. One large light can expand to the dining room or any other room, whereas many small lights can make it feel cluttered. It is better to measure your space first to ensure the light fixture or shade size does not affect functionality. 


    In real estate, small apartments and homes which provide plenty of charm still lack when it comes to kitchen space. There are a lot of small kitchen ideas that increase storage and efficiency. It is all about working with the layout of the space.

    Whether you are constantly cooking or a pro with the microwave, working in a small, tiny kitchen can be difficult. Cosmetic updates and ingenious storage solutions are easy.