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10 Most Expensive Homes In The World

    Have you ever wondered about getting a new house with a vast garden, a swimming pool, and 9-10 rooms? Only successful billionaires who have good taste in bungalows can afford these houses. We all love our homes and are thankful for what we have, yet it’s interesting to look at these billionaires’ luxurious houses worldwide. 

    From mansions to palaces and skyscrapers, affluent people in business have their own unique taste in estates and customize their houses accordingly. 

    Xanadu 2.0, Washington DC, USA 

    This house is a 66,000 square foot house with a 60-foot pool, 2100-foot library, a bar, and a remote control wall artwork. Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, built this house. Bill gates, the Co-Founder of Microsoft, has managed to impress us with the fantastic design and high-tech features of his mansion. The house cost him $63 million and seven years to design and build, and the outcome is undoubtedly impressive. The current value of the property is $125 Million because of its remarkable interior designing. Bill Gates has an underwater sound system in his swimming pool and has high definition monitors with uncommon changing art in many corners of his house. 

    18-19 Kensington Palace Garden 

    In London, the UK, the luxurious mansion is owned by Laxmi Mittal, CEO of Arcelor Mittal (the world’s largest iron and steel manufacturer). The house comprises 12 bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, a huge parking space with a capacity of parking 20 vehicles, and a vast immaculately-bestowed garden. The property costs nearly $128 million. His home lies just beside Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Palace in the billionaire’s row. 

    Seven The Pinnacle, In The USA, Montana

    This property is the largest in Yellowstone, a private ski and golf club for wealthy millionaires. This luxurious mansion is situated in more green and snowy locations and has incredible architecture. It also has a beautiful lodge-like design with multiple floors heated during winters, a gym, a swimming pool, a wine cellar, a private ski-lift, and a golf ground, and its current value is $155 million.  

    Pallazo di Amore, In California, USA

    Jeff Greene, a real estate entrepreneur, and an American politician, owns this resort-like mansion in Beverly Hills. This property has 12 bedrooms with 23 bathrooms and a tennis court, a vast swimming pool with waterfalls, a private movie theatre, a ballroom, and a parking space with a 27 car garage. This house has its unique theme, and its value is $192 million; and because of its unique design and features, it is one of the world’s most expensive houses. 

    Ellison Estate In California, USA

    Owned by Larry Ellison, the Co-Founder of Oracle, it is in Woodside, California. Its current value is $200 million because of its unique and lodge-like design in and out. The mansion has everything one needs to live a luxurious life, and this mansion holds ten different properties and includes a human-made lake and bathhouse. It also has a stone fireplace, and this estate is the ultimate and luxurious wooden property with velvet sofas and wooden pillars; it has a fantastic lake view. 

    Four Fair-Field Pond In New York, USA

    Ira Renner, CEO of Renco Group, owns this 63-acre property. It’s a very sporty-active and luxurious house with a basketball court, a bowling alley, squash, and tennis courts; it comprises 29 bedrooms, a 91-foot dining room, a three-light-up swimming pool, and it also has its very own power plant. Its multiple features and huge land make it one of the most expensive houses globally, worth $248 million. 

    Villa Les Cedres located In The French Riviera, France  

    It is a 187-year-old, built-in 1830 for the Prince of Belgium,14-bedroom mansion set on 35 acres. It has a royal design and has gorgeous masterpieces of art-works with old furniture and interior design with sophisticated bedrooms. It has a royal touch to it, making it one of the world’s top 5 most expensive houses. 

    This mansion also has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a vast ballroom, a library containing 3000 books including original classics, and a stable with a capacity of 30 horses. Its current worth is $352 million. 

    Villa Leopolda In Cote D’Azure, France

    France has the best and most unique and beautiful mansions in the world. The Villa Leopolda is one of the most valuable and extravagant estates. It includes a greenhouse, a pool, an outdoor kitchen, and a guest house; it doesn’t offer much compared to other mansions, but its location is in France’s very peaceful countryside. Its current worth is $661 million because of its fantastic location and property area. 

    Antilia In Mumbai, India 

    Its current value is 1 billion and is owned by an Indian Business, Tycoon, and a multi-billionaire, Mukesh Ambani. It’s the most extravagant property at 4,000 square feet and is a 27 story skyscraper. The building can also survive heavy earthquakes, which are very common in a country like India.  

    The building has three helicopter pads in the area atop the roof, nine rapid elevator machines, a two-story health center, an indoor swimming pool, and a jacuzzi. Ambani dedicated six floors of the building to his family. It also has houses for his staff and an entire floor for servicing his cars. It also has a 50 seat home theatrical, a barroom, a snack bar, an entertainment space, a dance studio, and six-story parking with a capacity of accommodating more than 60 cars.

    Buckingham Palace, London, UK


    The queen of England is not just the Queen of England but also the Queen of the properties globally. Buckingham Palace is worth $1.62 billion. The Crown property consists of 775 rooms, including 188 staff rooms, 52 royal guest rooms, 72 bathrooms, and 92 offices. The paint of the walls is also of costly quality, and the artwork and chandeliers in it are masterpieces. With these many features and fantastic designs, Buckingham Palace has made it to the top of the most expensive houses worldwide.  Also, more than 10,000 pieces of art of the Royal Collection are loaned to the National Museums galleries in the entire United Kingdom and abroad. 

    Many royal events and ceremonies take place in Buckingham Palace. With this, we can say that Queen Elizabeth owns the world’s most expensive and luxurious house with multiple features. The Queen has also ruled longer than any other Monarch in British History and has become a globally respected and loved figure. 

    To Sum Up 

    These houses can only be afforded by the world’s super-wealthy families, who are either the CEO of international companies or Royal families. Building and constructing these houses are not accessible and require at least 5-7 years to build and furnish the entire mansion, which is costly. An ordinary person cannot afford these luxurious estates.

    These were the top ten most expensive mansions globally, are their worth goes up to $1 billion, and is primarily wealthy co-founders or business tycoons that own these mansions. I hope you enjoyed knowing about the luxurious and peaceful lives of affluent millionaires in their extravagant residences.