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10 Ways To Save Money This Summer

    Believe it or not, summer is the time when we end up spending the most money. It’s due to many reasons the biggest one being the heat! It’s also because the minute summer starts we go into vacation mode and just want to spend, be it on food, shopping, entertainment. Well, guess what, you can have the summer of your life yet save money! You just have to be smart in where you save and remember that every penny counts. While there are so many ways you can do so, here are our top ways to save money this summer.

     1. Air Conditioning

    You would be surprised at how much air conditioning can affect your electricity bills. We understand that summer can be hot and that you may feel the need for it but there are so many different ways to address that problem while saving money! For starters, you can get yourself a mist fan that throws cool air at you. If that doesn’t suffice, turn on the air conditioning for short periods of time. Keep your windows shut so that the room stays cool for a while!

     2. Eating Out Less

    Let’s face it, we all spend quite a bit of money on eating out. If you cut that down to perhaps eating out once a month you’ll notice the change in your wallet. Everything you eat at restaurants can be made at home! You can search for recipes and replicate them yourself using the help of YouTube videos. It’ll be fun and will help you save a lot more money. Make it even more fun by getting some company to help you cook and eat!

     3. Getting Rid of Your Gym Membership

    It’s no surprise that gyms are expensive. One of the easiest ways for you to save money this summer is to get rid of your gym membership! Working out is important to stay fit and healthy and there are so many other cheaper alternatives out there. For instance, you can go running in the park, go cycling, swimming etc. If you wish to work out indoors you can always work out in your home following free online videos. There are so many options you just have to pick the one most suitable for yourself.

     4. Transportation

    A lot of your money is probably going into transport costs. Fuel is expensive! Save your money by using either public transport or car-pooling. It’ll save you a lot of money and it’s also a great way for you to meet new people. If any of your colleagues live nearby you can carpool with them to go to the office. Every penny counts and this will definitely save a huge chunk!

     5. Make an Entertainment Budget

    Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we spend just on entertainment! It’s something we can’t do without, and while that’s justified, there are so many ways in which you can be entertained without having to spend an arm and a leg! The way to do this is to make a monthly budget for yourself. Allocate a certain amount for entertainment and make sure that you stay within that.

     6. Shop From Thriftstores

    Shopping is another thing we all love spending our money on. No one’s saying you have to stop, but you just have to be smarter about it if you want to save your money. Thrift stores will change your life! Once you start shopping there you won’t be able to stop. They have some of the coolest items you’ll set your hands on, the only thing is you have to be patient and dig a little. Wear the same things or even better ones at half the price! It’ll save you a great deal of money.

     7. Install Solar Lighting

    Solar lighting is a great way for you to conserve energy and save those electricity bills! Summer is the best time for you to do it because it’s when the sun is out and also because that’s when you use the most electricity for the air-conditioning etc. While the cost of setting up solar panels may be slightly high, there are practically no costs after that so you’ll end up saving a lot more money.

     8. Hang Your Laundry Outside

    Instead of putting your clothes in the dryer, make the most of the sun and summer breeze and hang your laundry outside. It’ll save electricity and cut down costs from your bills. An added bonus is that your clothes will end up smelling a lot more fresh and crisp after being baked in the sun for a while!

     9. Look For Discounts

    Whether it’s deals on food, amusement parks, or online shopping there is always some form of discounts. You just have to be smart about availing them. Train yourself to always find these deals and discounts. You can end up saving quite a bit of money through them and it’s also one of the most satisfying feelings! Companies are usually smart about these discounts and write them in fine lettering so you’ll have to make it a point to check.

    There are also mostly always some discounts on your credit card so make use of availing those too!

     10. Find Free or Cheap Activities

    There are so many free public events that happen all the time. You don’t know how much fun they could be unless you try them out so give them a shot and save yourself the extra bucks! For instance, you could go to a public concert or an open mic night. Not all events are ridiculously expensive so you just have to look out for the cheaper/free ones. Summer is also a great time to hit the beach, which is free, so beat the heat by swimming into the sea.

    Use these 10 tips and tricks to help you save a ton of money this summer! Don’t ever think that any amount is too small because it’ll all add up. Happy saving!