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25 Ideas to Combat Cabin Fever

    We at House Life Today thought you might like some ideas to keep you and your family from going bonkers with everything going on today. We have tried to avoid the usual stuff like binge-watching Netflix or playing video games. These obviously will not apply to everyone, but maybe you can pick up an idea or so that would help you combat cabin fever. Listed below are some ideas you might consider.

    1. Play a new card game.

    Have you ever heard of Spoons? It’s a family favorite, super fun, and simple. A deck of cards and a few spoons is all you need. Google the directions or check out this link.

    2. Organize your kitchen.

    We did an article not too long ago on HouseLifeToday called Kitchen Organizing Tips; you might want to check it out for a few ideas.

    3. Re-arrange your bedroom or living room.

    This is always rewarding; it gets you moving and gives you some self-accomplishment

    4. Build something.

    If your setup for it, build a new dog house, picture frame, or shelf.

    My teenager spends hours building playing card pyramids to see how far he can get before it falls over.

    Kids can spend days building cardboard forts, help them out, and you will feel like a kid again.

    5. Organize your photos.

    These days everything is on the phone and computer. It’s a perfect time to get them organized finally. You will have fun finding so many pictures that you have forgotten all about. Print some out and put them in that picture frame you built.

    6. Squeegee your windows.

    It’s one of those things you put off. After a year or two of spot cleaning, they don’t look good, and the only way to get them like new again is to squeegee them. HouseLifeToday did a video titled Squeegee an Interior Window you might want to check out.

    7. Go for a hike or walk.

    The best way to fight a cold is to stay in shape so the exercise will do you and your family good.

    8. Take a bike ride.

    If you live in an area where you will not be around too many people, you might dust off that old bike and give it a try.

    9. Fix things around the house.

    You know that busted light switch cover or the loose doorknob. You would be surprised how many little fixes you can come up with.

    10. Clean out your storage.

    You have put it off for years. Make a pile of stuff to donate once the environment changes.

    11. Bake something fun.

    When is the last time you and the family worked together baking a cake or cookies?

    12. Make and edit your own home movie.

    Just for the fun of it. This works for any age group and can take a lot of time or a little time. It all depends on what you put into it. Most smartphones have apps that work well. I personally like iMovie.

    13. Teach the dog some new tricks.

    Contrary to the saying, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

    14. Try your hand at drawing.

    You might stink, but so what! You can involve the whole family and make it a competition. Have everyone draw the same object, then vote, who’s is best, most original, and most abstract, etc.

    15. Work on a new dinner recipe.

    Try something totally new, see who you can get to help, and create a family feast. Give everyone something they are responsible for.

    16. Organize a scavenger hunt.

    This can keep them busy for hours if you spend a little prep time, I usually have about 10 things on the list, and some should be very hard to find. Also, it’s amazing what ages will play. It all depends on the prize for the winner. It can be played in or outdoors.

    17. Update the paint color in your favorite room.

    Here is an article on called 2020 BEHR paint color trends you might want to look at.

    18. Work on your mixology skills.

    Spend some time learning how to make that perfect drink. You might want to try this book. 

    19. Go fishing.

    20. Prepare for gardening.

    Build planter boxes or work on the area you are going to plant. You can start some pots indoors.

    21. Learn how to make beer or wine.

    Order a beer or winemaking kit.

    22. Fly a kite.

    Build your own or order one online.

    23. Drag out that old sewing machine.

    Mend something or make a pet bed.

    24. Organize a conference call.

    If you use Skype, it is free, and the grandparents can see the kids. This will take a little prep time on the phone to get everyone set up but well worth the effort.

    25. My personal favorite hide and Don’t seek.

    This is primarily used with little kids and usually only good once but can sometimes burn a good 30 minutes. I’m right up there with whoever can not talk or make a sound the longest wins.




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