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5 Ways To Reorganize Your Closet

    If you are like many people staying at home, you might have some extra time on your hands. Why not take this opportunity to reorganize your closet?

    1. Remove Everything and Clean the Closet

    Most closets can use some cleaning while they are being organized. Freshening up the space will keep your clothes smelling good and give you the satisfaction of creating a nice, well-maintained space. Pull out each item in your closet and make piles according to categories. Your categories will probably include shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, belts, bags, and scarves.

    As you find pieces of clothing that you can get rid of, separate them into one pile you will donate and one pile you will discard. This will help free up space. Anything that you want to keep but don’t use frequently can be transferred to storage. Finally, vacuum the closet and wipe down the shelves.

    2. Make the Most of Your Space

    Get creative about maximizing your closet. Can you install extra shelves or use stackable containers to make the most of the vertical space? Can you hang handbags, belts, or shoes on the inside of the door?

    One interesting option is to double hang your clothes by installing a second bar underneath the already existing one. In this way, you can hang two rows of short items: one on top and the other on the bottom.

    3. Organize the Closet by Category

    When you return your items to the closet, keep things that belong to the same category together. When choosing places for your things, consider how to best care for them.

    Shirts that can wrinkle should be hung. Shoe racks can help keep the pairs together. Be sure to designate places for belts, scarves, and other small items. Check out these hangers for ties and belts that will save a lot of space.

    4. Give Frequently Used Items Priority Places

    The more you have to dig through your closet, the more disorganized it can become. Set yourself up to succeed in maintaining your newly organized closet by placing frequently used items in front.

    5. Make the Closet a Pleasant Space

    Reorganize your closet so that it is satisfying to look at each morning. By making it visually appealing, you will encourage yourself to keep it from reverting to its old condition. Have some fun with this and celebrate your new-found organization. You can color coordinate your clothing if you like that idea. You can also hang favorite items in places where they are visible. These scented sachets will even make your closet smell nice.

    You can’t beat the feeling of being organized. Making the most of your space is a great way to care for your clothing, and it will help you find things more quickly. However, you set up your closet, allow your system to evolve. For example, if you run out of room on a certain shelf, move the items to a bigger one. Get creative with the process and enjoy your fresh, newly organized closet.