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7 Storage Hacks You Did Not Know

     Storage problems are faced in every household. Not everyone has the space to store your extra things or things you need in everyday life. People face problems regarding stacking utensils in the kitchen, toiletries in the bathroom, clothes in the bedroom, and more. Learning a few hacks to make space for everyday items can be quite helpful. Let’s take a ride through every room and every corner of the room and learn about some essential hacks to make your house organization more efficient.

    Living Room

     The living room contains many things like furniture, bookshelves, TV, telephone, etc. Invest in lightweight furniture for your household to make it easy to move and make space when needed. Also, some couches come with extra storage space in them for you to store items or toys for your kids.


    Just like the couch in your living room, beds also come with storage space in them where you can store your winter clothes and blankets. Other than that, rolling clothes and sheets would take less space in the cupboard. Also, high wall shelves can prove to be very useful. You can use the area around the couch to design special frames to store books, TV remotes, and laptops.


    Bottles of spices and condiments take up a lot of space in the kitchen. You should use a single multi-compartment container for all the spices and herbs in your house. Also, multi-storage racks for onion, potatoes, and other veggies that don’t require refrigeration can be useful to free up space in the pantry. High wall closets can be helpful for utensils that you don’t use daily. Special spoon and fork racks that require less space are also available in the market.


    You can make bathroom wall units with a mirror and storage space for toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoos, etc. You can also make special cabinets around the washbasin to store toiletries. There are also special shower curtains with pockets, or you can hang a low-cost fabric shoe organizer behind the bathroom door to store toiletries. 

    Storage Room or Pantries 

    If you have storage rooms and pantries, make sure you use every inch of them by designing special storage cabinets and shelves; otherwise, you can store stuff in cardboard boxes and put sticky notes on them, mentioning what’s inside the boxes.


    Flower pots take up a lot of space on the balcony; therefore, hanging flower pots might turn out useful to free up some space. 

    Other than these, there are few storage hacks that you can use to avoid cluttering.

    1) Using egg cartons to store Christmas tree decorations.

    2) Old cookie box to store sewing kit or wires, Christmas lighting, etc.

    3) You can also use a fabric shoe organizer behind every door in the house and closets to put things needed while in that room.

    4) You can get containers of the same size and store stuff in them and then put them in the refrigerator rather than directly putting them in for a neat and organized fridge.

    5) Compartmentalized drawers can be handy in organizing your stuff and prevent them from spreading. These types of drawers can be beneficial on your work table, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

    6) Rotating trays for the refrigerator to store all your sauce bottles in one place rather than using a whole section in the fridge.

    7) Old shower curtain rings can be quite useful to hang clothes; all you need to do is make a ring to hang all the shower curtain rings and hang your clothes or scarves in them.


    Getting more storage space for your home is indeed a must for any house owner. By adopting these 7 storage hacks, you can get ample storage space for your house. It is all about creativity and smart thinking, and you yourself can come up with a lot of such unique and interesting storage hacks.