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8 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Brands

    Getting cleaning products that are eco-friendly for your home is a healthy investment for both you and your surrounding environment. Green cleaning or eco-friendly cleaning products are gaining considerable traction as they use sustainable manufacturing practices. They are naturally derived, biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients that negatively affect the environment or your family’s health.

    The ingredients in conventional cleaning products are often harmful to breathe, harm the environment, and some are even dangerous to touch with bare hands. 

    As found in an investigation by The Environmental Working Group, over 2000 cleaning products available in the American market have been linked to the release of cancer-causing formaldehyde, asthma, and other respiratory problems. It can also cause chemical burns and allergic reactions, elevated risk of congenital disabilities, hormone disruption, and poisonings. In addition to health concerns, they also cause environmental issues such as drinking water degradation, algae buildup, and harm to aquatic life.

    The following is a list of plant-based and eco-friendly products that you can use instead of your old standbys for a safer and greener environment for both you and your family.

    Clean Living

    Cleaning living is an eco-friendly brand with a comprehensive refillable system that utilizes refillable metal bottles and concentrated pouches of plant-based formula. This allows you to swap out your throwable plastic cleaning supplies with this refillable eco-friendly product. 

    Their product range is vegan, completely natural, doesn’t harm aquatic-life, PH friendly, and cuts out the water to reduce transport costs and carbon emission. You can order a new sachet and return the old one for recycling.

    Clean Living’s eco-friendly cleaning product range includes all-purpose biological cleaner, glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner, limescale remover, biological bin odor eliminator, and degreaser.


    They are an exciting new addition to the market of eco-friendly cleaning products. It is a reliable household green cleaning product.

    The cleaning powder of Homethings is available in a non-toxic, effervescent tablet. These tablets allow their customers to refill and use the same bottle repeatedly with just open tap water in their home. Inspired by the circular economy and zero waste pioneers, the tablets are sent to you through the post, which you can dilute at your home and use in any refillable or old bottle that you may have with you.

    Homethings is launching three cleaning household sprays for glass and mirror, all-purpose, and bathroom. These cleaning products are eco-friendly and contain zero toxic chemicals or hidden ingredients that can potentially harm you and your family.


    Eco-Egg is a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to laundry detergent; give it a try if you haven’t yet.

    This eco-friendly cleaning product utilizes natural minerals in the form of pellets that get activated in the water and gently remove waste from your wardrobe. Besides, you can reuse the egg after you wash your clothes. You can utilize each ‘egg’ for at least 200 washes.

    It is also ideal for sensitive skin as there are no chemicals involved, no plastic-wrapped pods, and no mess to make things even better.

    Mangle & Wringer

    If you have a unique appeal for funky packaging, then this product by Mangle & Wringer is worth checking out. 

    Each product of Mangle and Wringer is free from fragrance and color, is non-toxic, and utilizes only food-grade ingredients. At their core, they have Bette’s original recipe for cold processed food. 

    Pure Laundry Powder by Mangle & Wringer contains natural minerals and coconut oil soap. It is also a bestseller as it is free from synthetic detergents, phosphates, preservatives, and fragrances. The powder is so soft, and it can be useful on silk or delicates as well as hand washing. 


    Smol is an eco-friendly dishwasher and laundry band that comes in 100% plastic-free packaging that is safe for the child and is delivered directly to your door.

    The brand delivers eco-friendly cleaning in capsules with fewer chemicals than conventional cleaning products, has no animal-derived ingredients, and is cruelty-free. Besides, their products are available in plastic-free packaging. 

    Clothes Doctor

    Clothes Doctor is an award-winning digital clothing maintenance service, and they now offer cruelty-free and vegan clothing care products.

    Their green cleaning collection is a single-use and plastic-free product that is refillable and contains natural ingredients. The company engineers their Eco Wash Laundry Set for gentle hand washing and low-temperature machine washing, both of which are good for the environment.

    It comes with Eco Wash for Cashmere and Wool, Eco Wash for Silk and Delicates, and Eco Washing Detergent. You can save 10% by purchasing the set, as opposed to buying each individually. 


    For families stuck at home, you would not want to miss eco-friendly cleaning products by Nimble. Their products are especially ideal for busy parents. This plant-based cleaner utilizes lactic acid as its magic ingredient, which allows it to cut through grime, anything sticky, and dirt with ease.

    Sticky Stopped by Nimble is a go-to product for families as the product is excellent for disinfecting surfaces and toys gently. The entire product line is safe to use around kids.      


    Spruce’s products are a perfect alternative to single-use plastics. Their cleaning range comes with full refills, refillable bottles, and paper packaged, delivered right to your door. 

    Their products utilize mostly food-grade ingredients that are safe for both your family and the environment. The products are fully biodegradable, free of petrochemicals, pesticides, parabens, ammonia, palm-oil, VOC’s and other toxins.


    Before buying an eco-friendly cleaning product, check whether the product contains plant-based ingredients, is biodegradable, and is free of artificial fragrances and colors. Replacing all your conventional cleaning products with eco-friendly ones will save you and your surrounding environment from toxins.