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9 Items To Never Leave On Your Front Porch

    You must keep in mind that all items were not made to brace the outdoors. There are so many things that can happen to them, from weather deterioration to theft and other accidents. Your front porch should only have those items that won’t cause any danger or harm if left outside. There are so many items that you should never leave on your front porch, but to make it easier for you, we have made a list of the top 9!

    Garden Hoses

    You probably never thought that this could be dangerous if left out on your front porch but trust us when we tell you that it is. It has many dangers; for starters, a garden hose left outside in the heat can crack due to exposure to the sun. To add to that, it can also cause people to trip over it. If left out in the winter, ice can start to form inside these hoses, so it’s best to take them inside. Store them in a safe place and use them as required.


    This one may sound silly to you because it is essentially what protects you from the sun, but trust us when we tell you that it should not be left out on your front porch. To begin with, when exposed to the sun or hot temperatures, your sunscreen could change consistency and therefore lose its effectiveness. Leaving it on your porch also makes it accessible to your pets and kids, which can be highly poisonous for them both. It is best to store it indoors in a cool, dry place.

    Yard Tools

    Your yard products and power tools shouldn’t be left on your front porch as these could be dangerous. Some examples of these are fertilizers, paint thinners, etc. Being outdoors can cause them to rust and deteriorate. With power tools, it is hazardous because if water seeps into the battery or in the other electrical areas, they could go bad and stop working altogether. In addition to that, leaving them on your front porch is also a safety hazard for your kids and pets who could be poisoned by it if accessible to them.


    Firewood is a common item that is often left on your front porch. It is convenient and used for bonfires, etc. The problem with leaving it outside is that it acts as a sponge for moisture from the soil when it’s on the ground. This will, in turn, cause it to be damp and not usable for fire, making it useless. Another danger with leaving it on the ground is that it often tends to stick to the ground and takes pieces of your lawn with it when taken inside. Firewood should be stacked on concrete quite a fair distance from other structures. A shed is the best place to store it.

    Oily Rags

    Oily rags from painting should not be left on your front porch. When they are stacked in a pile, they can become dry or heat up, causing oxygen to get confined inside them. This combination of heat, oil, and oxygen can be super dangerous and can lead to combustion. Oily rags can be deadly and a great safety hazard, so it is recommended to dispose of them off in a responsible manner. You don’t want any accidents, so it’s best to take precautions beforehand.


    This is probably convenient for you, but don’t give in. Not only will it kill the ambiance not just for you but for the entire neighborhood, it will also invite creatures that you don’t want, such as rats and raccoons. It won’t be long before they ruin your porch and cause havoc. Of course, do we even need to mention how it’ll cause the place to stink up, especially when left out in the heat? Avoid all of this by only putting it out on the front porch on your designated trash day.


    Another item that is convenient to leave on your front porch. You might be wondering what the harm is in leaving your bicycle out there, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! Bicycle theft is a real thing, and when left out on the porch, you invite someone to steal it. Theft isn’t the only problem; a bike left outside can be damaged from weather conditions such as rain, extreme sun, hail, bird droppings, etc. Keep it safe and protected inside your home.


    We often end up leaving our dirty sneakers on the front porch because we don’t want to bring them into the house. However, this isn’t the way to go about it. Your shoes should never be left outside. Except for obvious reasons such as animals getting a hold of and attacking them, they can also get damaged because of the morning dew, rain, hail, etc. Apart from that, tiny insects and creatures may use them to make their home, so don’t be too surprised. It’s, therefore, better to be safe and take them inside instead of leaving them out there.

    Spare Key

    Last but not least, do not leave your spare key on your front porch! We know this is a common one, but we cannot emphasize how dangerous it can be. Even though it’s probably super convenient for you whenever you end up locking yourself out, it also sets your home as a giant target. Studies have also shown that homes with spare keys on their porch are more common burglary targets. A better alternative would be to leave the key with someone you trust, but the front porch is the last place that this item should be.


    After reading this, you probably won’t leave any of these items on your front porch, and you shouldn’t! It’ll save you a lot of time and hassle, and you’ll thank yourself later.