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Are You Considering Moving Out of the City?

    The day-to-day routine of a typical city dweller is to a certain degree like this: wake up early, grab a quick breakfast, get stuck in traffic, work hard all day to deal with traffic home again, often a late dinner, little time for evening activities, then sleep with the customary city noise like police sirens, cars, trains and so on. For some life in a big cities can be very hectic and create anxiety. Some city dwellers are not able to enjoy mother nature, and don’t get enough time for their families. 

    Conversely, people who have established themselves in rural areas or the countryside often report that they lead a more comfortable life, with less worries and tensions. There’s not as much of a rat race going on and they enjoy the quieter sounds of nature. They end up having more time to spend on personal interests or time with their families.  

    Considering moving out of the big city, to a place with a slower pace of life, having room for peaceful introspection and a simple way of living, it requires a lot of deep thinking and firmness. If you are alone to move, then still, it’s not that tough. But, moving to an entirely new place with the entire family involves a lot of effort. Leaving behind old friends, job, the fantastic nightlife, swimming pools, restaurants and cafes, everyone just can’t stand it. Only the ones who are aware well in advance about the changes that are going to take place in their lives and are fully prepared for it can plan for this big move.

     Hand-picking the unrivalled place

    Once you have made this clear in your head that you have to bust a move, the next step is to resolve the best place for you and your family (if in tow). How wonderful it would be when one of your friends from the city comes to pay you a visit at your new countryside house and their words are like, “Damn, this place is stunning. I envy you for living here”. How soothing would be this kind of words to the ears!

    The United States is packed with some of the best cities in the world, New York, L.A., Chicago and Miami, to name a few. The astonishing landscapes, colorful mountains, golden beaches, spells of good weather and lush and exotic greenery are so much appealing. What follows is a list of some of the unexpected and charming places in the U.S. that can be contemplated over, if you are considering moving out of the city.

      •     Fairfield, Connecticut: Built to honor the teachings of the Indian guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the town is known for the Transcendental Meditation technique developed by him. People come here to practice yoga, meditation and attain peace of mind.

    Fairfield, CT

      •     Sitka, Alaska: It is a remote place with no direct routes for worries and tensions. It’s full of mountains, monuments and wildlife including animals like bears, whales and eagles.

    Sitka, AK

      •     Skaneateles, New York: The main attraction of this place is the Finger Lakes, comprising 11 lakes and the wineries, restaurants, places to stay and quaint shops all over.

    Skaneateles, NY

      •     Isle of Palms, South Carolina: This can prove to be an ideal island if you are looking for shelter away from noise and crowds. Recreational facilities, sports clubs, shopping centers, miles of beaches and biking paths are in abundance here in this town.

    Isle of Palms, SC

      •     Traverse City, Michigan: This charming small town is a cultural and social hub. The place is full of freshwater lakes, glaciers and hills. It is the world’s largest producer of cherries and also a well known wine-producing region.

    Traverse City, MI

      •     Jacksonville, Oregon: It is a straightforward place to fall in love with. This little town is nestled in the foothills of the mountain and boasts of wine tasting, scenic recreating and lilting music.

    Jacksonville, OR

      •     Dahlonega, Georgia: It offers an authentic mountain getaway. It presents a breathtaking mountain scenery as well as relaxing beaches. It even gives visitors an opportunity for adventure.

    Dahlonega, GA

      •     Cooperstown, New York: There are plenty of beautiful views to be enjoyed at this place. Staying at an inn and being entertained by baseball is what is to be done here.

    Cooperstown, NY

    Is it time to budge?

    Moving to a new city is not an easy job. On the one hand, if you move, you are going to leave behind all that took you years to come up with, while on the other, if you stay, you may miss upon the opportunity to a relaxed and calm lifestyle. So what to do in such a dilemma. How do you know that it’s high time? Some of the indications regarding the right time to make a move are given below:

      1.   If you have always lingered around your hometown and never went to other places. It is time to give it a try. How can you know until you don’t try?
      2.   We all have met different people in our mortal coil. There are those New York people, L.A. people, London people and more who think highly of their favorite place. Find out which kind you are and hop for it.
      3.   If you have way too many complaints about your city’s weather or you are fed up with the traffic, you don’t like people’s mentality, then it is the time to relocate to a place you love.

     There could be many more signs which can bound you to think to move to another city like if you have a loved one staying somewhere else or if you don’t have any reason to stay, the new place has abundant job opportunities and provides you with greener pastures. College students may shift to a new city with their buddies, or the young may reposition if he wishes to settle and start a family.

    But is the grass always greener on the other side? The decision regarding moving to a new place should never be taken in a hurry. It needs a lot of attention and a calm mind to plan for such a life-changing thing.

    For instance, just leaping over a new place because you are bored with your job, or your boss is too strict, think twice whether the move is worth the while. Try local options like going for a picnic or a new restaurant to cheer yourself up rather than changing the place. Moreover, some may feel a void in their lives and may think to move to fill it. But make sure you have exhausted all the locally available options. If you are a type of person who prefers stability, then it would be a terrible choice to move to another city, where you don’t know a soul. You may feel homesick, depressed and lonely in the crowd. Moving to an entirely new place for a loved one also seems to be a valid reason. You just have to make sure that you are doing it because you want to do it and not under any kind of pressure. There are chances that you may plan a big move and later on, enjoy your happily ever after!

    Contrasting Rural and Urban areas

    The earth is home to many different kinds of people with varying mindset and attitudes. All are striving for a better quality of life. A handful of humanity is content with a simple lifestyle and prefers living in a rural scenario. While others are running in a rat race to earn more money, wear expensive clothes, buy cool and fashionable cars and bikes. They find pleasure in such a living and are happy in urban and suburban regions.

    Metropolitan city is all about advanced technology, well-developed infrastructure, big schools and colleges. Urban areas provide a wide range of opportunity but at the cost of a comfortable life. On the other hand, a village is a small place with a relatively lower population and havoc. People living in the countryside are more close to nature than they are to technology. The pace of technological advancement is much sluggish in these areas as people are more into religious activities, superstitions prevail, and all believe in worshiping their work. Life is a lot simpler and happier here.


    Challenges of living rural

    Just like a coin has two sides, living in the countryside also comes with its pros and cons. Rural areas have an easy-going life with crisp air and a peaceful retreat. But taking a look at the other side, we may feel depressed knowing it also lacks some of the necessary facilities like public transport, medical services, schools, colleges, employment alternatives and entertainment options. Even after such limitations, the main reason driving city folk to consider moving out of the city is a more lenient way of life, saving money, and escaping from stress and troubles.

    Nevertheless, these challenges can be easily overcome by moving to a place which is within reasonable driving distance from the city, so that you can easily commute whenever required.

    The more important thing is that you should know what works for you and what not. You must explore your options and then finalize.