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At Home Science Experiments Anyone Can Do With Their Children


    Most kids love science because of the cool experiments they get to do in school. Whether your kids are in school or not due to covid, here are some fun science experiments you can do with them at home. These experiments are sure to not only create a love for science in your kids but will also let you have some fun with your kids during your free time. 

    Colorful Baking Soda And Vinegar Experiment:

    This specific experiment is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. In this experiment, you can easily create colors using three ingredients from your kitchen. Perfect for a day when you are bored at home, and there is an off from school. So, let’s jump onto the experiment!

    Things You Need For This Experiment:

    • Baking soda
    • Vinegar in a small bowl
    • A small dropper
    • Food colors
    • A sheet of paper or baking sheet

    How To Conduct The Experiment:

    1. First, place a baking sheet on a table and then sprinkle baking soda on the sheet. 
    2. Once you put the baking soda on the paper, make sure the sheet is evenly covered. 
    3. Now add in two or three drops of various food colors onto the baking soda
    4. Add vinegar drop-by-drop on the food coloring and see the magic. 

    The bubble starts coming out of the baking soda, and there is a fizzle all around. This, in turn, mixes out the colors and makes things more fun and exciting. You can also teach kids about primary and secondary colors. 

    Color Changing Thermosensitive Slime:

    Slime is not only a stress-releasing product, but you can also allow your kids to play with it. When it changes colors, it will keep your kids entertained and help them learn how temperature works and how to make slime on top of that! 

    Things You Need For The Experiment:

    • White glue 
    • Food coloring
    • Liquid starch about one fourth cup
    • Thermochromic pigment
    • Water 

    How To Conduct The Experiment:

    1. Initially, pick a color that you would like to start with. 
    2. Now, add this color along with glue to a bowl and mix them well. 
    3. Add in 5 drops of food color and mix well.
    4. Add liquid starch and mix till it gets slimy and thick.
    5. Store the slime in a container for up to one week, and then it is ready for your kids to play with.

    It might show a pink color in cold conditions, but it might show a purple color in warm conditions.  Due to different wavelengths at different temperatures, such changes happen, and hence you can enjoy science learning along with color changes. 

    M&M Candy Experiment:

    Children love eating candy, so why not use them for some fun science experiment as well? It is easy, it is fantastic, and it is fun. In this experiment, we will be using the M&Ms, and then remove the M from the candy and make them float on the surface. 

    Things You Need To Do The Experiment:

    • Water
    • M&Ms one packet
    • Small cups or bowls to add in water

    How To Conduct The Experiment:

    1. Fill in the small cup or bowl with water 
    2. place one of the M&M’s candies in the water sideways
    3. Slowly, the color starts dissolving in the water, and then after 10 minutes, you will start seeing the m’s floating around. 

    Well, it seems like magic doesn’t it! However, what you saw just now is not magic but is precise science where the water molecules easily dissolve the color particles of the candies. In contrast, the M part of the M&M’s is made out of edible paper, which floats on the water due to lesser surface tension.

    Glowing Tornado:

    Tornados might sound a bit dangerous but when you can’t see a real one and want to check it out through a science experiment, then here is a way you can do it! 

    Things You Need To Do The Experiment:

    • A glass jar or a clear bottle
    • Water
    • Glowing paint
    • Dish soap solution

    How To Conduct The Experiment:

    1. Start with mixing the glowing paint in warm water. 
    2. Mix the solution and now transfer it to a clear jar or bottle filled with water.
    3. Add two or three drops of dish soap and mix them
    4. Now, start swirling the bottle in a circular motion to create a glowing tornado.

    The science behind this small jar glowing tornado is very easy. The jar’s circular motion pulls the water towards the center due to the gravity force that is pulling it. Once the circular motion slows down, the gravity force pulling the water also reduces, and hence the tornado comes to a stop as well. This fun experiment is one way to learn how nature works along with how science is controlling nature!

    Elephant Toothpaste:

    One of the really fun experiments is forming elephant toothpaste. This experiment is what we might have done as kids, and now it is time to pass it on to our kids as well. With just some of the simplest daily available ingredients, you can make this experiment a bomb!

    Things You Need To Do The Experiment:

    • Yeats packet
    • Dish soap solution
    • Food color
    • Empty warm bottle
    • 3% Hydrogen peroxide half a cup
    • Cake pans
    • Small bowl
    • Safety glasses
    • Funnel

    How To Conduct The Experiment:

    1. Keep the empty bottle on top of a cake pan. Make sure to put on your safety glasses.
    2. Firstly, pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the bottle with the help of a funnel.
    3. Now, add a small amount of dish soap into the bottle. 
    4. Mix the content in the bottle and add any food color of your choice
    5. Add a yeast packet to a bowl and add about 3 tablespoons of water into the yeast. Mix them well.
    6. Lastly, add the yeast mixture from the bowl to the bottle with the help of a funnel and remove the funnel once the mixture has been added.

    Now the bubbles start coming out along with foam through the sides of the bottle. The bottle will now feel warm to the touch. This happens due to the heat reaction in the bottle, and in terms of science, the enthalpy of the overall reaction increases, leading to such an outcome. 

    Final Words:

    Well, that is all about the science experiments, which were both fun and easy. If you now want to try them out, make sure you have all the necessary stuff before starting the experiment. Do not forget that safety comes first! You need to make sure that you have your safety glasses and lab coat by your side.