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Bad Countertop Designs

    Countertops are the most prominent feature of any kitchen. They need to be well-coordinated with the rest of the kitchen decor. If you’re planning to remodel a kitchen, you might already know how tough it can be to choose the right countertops. There are so many options in terms of material and design that one is bound to feel overwhelmed. From solid-colored to textured, from tiled to marble, there are so many choices for countertops. Countertops form the primary surfaces in the kitchen over which most of your work will be based, so you got to make sure that the material and design you choose are practical enough for your needs.

    However, in an attempt to choose the best countertops, many people end up doing too much. By that, we mean to say that sometimes, people make bad choices and end up with bad countertop designs. Now, you may be wondering what it takes for a countertop design to be called. Well, that’s what we’re here for. We will try to shed light on some features of bad countertops so that you can totally avoid reaching that point!

    What Makes A Countertop Design Bad

    While we believe that everyone’s choices vary and what you like may not be the best choice for someone else, certain features of a countertop design make it look bad. And with that being said, these features must be avoided at all costs. Let’s see what a bad countertop design is.

    Large Countertop In A Small Kitchen

    We all know how important countertop space is. You can never have enough of it. It is the reason why people try to add as many countertops wherever possible in their kitchen. However, if you’ve got a small kitchen, large countertops are a no-go. Countertops that are either too wide or if there’s a large central countertop in a small kitchen, it’ll look not good! Your kitchen will appear too congested, which is something you wouldn’t want.

    Heavily Textured, Dark-Colored Countertop

    Another countertop design that will look bad is a heavily textured, dark-colored one in a small kitchen. If your kitchen is small with little or no natural light coming in, such a bold countertop is bound to come to your face. Your kitchen will appear smaller than it actually is and might even look extremely unappealing!

    Narrow Countertop In A Large Kitchen

    If you’ve got a large, spacious, and open kitchen, you’ve got plenty of room to play around. However, if you don’t make the best use of the available space, you’ll end up with bad kitchen decor. Narrow countertops don’t go well with large kitchens. Large kitchens call for broad and spacious countertops. If you’ve ample space in the kitchen, you can even opt for a central counter!

    Poorly-Shaped Counters

    Sometimes, people think that going extra will add to the aesthetics. While it does do some good at times, it can actually take things in a plunge at other times. Installing countertops in odd shapes (read: creative shapes) isn’t the right thing to do all the time. The shape of the countertops you opt for should be well aligned with your kitchen’s size, the modernity of the kitchen, and the overall decor. Trying to install ultramodern countertops to a decade-old kitchen that hasn’t been remolded once isn’t the best way to go about it.

    Uncoordinated Countertop Color

    Just because you like a black countertop doesn’t mean you should get it. A black countertop wouldn’t sit well with all-colored kitchens. If your cabinet colors are already dark and bold, a black-colored countertop won’t look good. In fact, if your kitchen is small in size, it’ll actually look bad! A bad countertop design is any countertop design that doesn’t sit well with your kitchen’s décor and style. So, before you settle for a countertop design, evaluate what’s best and what’s not for your kitchen.

    Choosing the Best Countertops for Your Kitchen

    Now that you know what it takes for a countertop design to be called bad, you might want to know how you can choose the absolute best countertop for your kitchen. The choice should depend on certain factors. We’ve listed some promising tips for you below so that you never have to regret your choice of a countertop design.

    Consider the Size of Your Kitchen

    The first and most important factor that you must consider before choosing a countertop design is your kitchen’s size. If you’ve got a spacious kitchen, you can go bold with colors, countertop size, and shape. However, there are fewer choices when you have a smaller kitchen. A countertop design that compliments the size of your kitchen will look attractive and aesthetically appealing.


    Your choice of a countertop design should be based on what you usually use your kitchen for. If you’re an avid baker and often play with colors, a white-colored countertop may not be the most practical for you since dyes can permanently stain the counters. Similarly, if you often host parties for friends and family, you’ll want to equip your kitchen with broad countertops so that you’ve got plenty of counter space. The countertop design must offer the highest level of practicality.

    Overall Kitchen Style

    The best countertop design is undoubtedly the one that complements the overall style of your kitchen. Certain countertop designs give a modern feel, while others give a more traditional feel. Depending on what your kitchen style is, settle on the most suitable countertop design. The countertops are one of the essential parts of your kitchen. Not only are they most prominent, but they are also the most-used kitchen surfaces. Also, replacing countertops isn’t something that you can frequently do because they come with a cost. Therefore, it’s best to make the right choices on the first go and avoid opting for anything that falls in the category of bad countertops!