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Best Containers To Make Your Food Last Longer

    Fruits and vegetables get spoiled almost effortlessly. One encounters rotten apples and tasteless oranges in a few days. But, wasting food isn’t a responsible way of living. So, what is the way out? There are storage containers or produce keepers to make life easier. 

    If kids at home leave half of the fruits or if you prefer buying in bulk, storage helps. One can store veggies and fruits, dried pasta, and more! Some foods may require ventilation while others an air-tight environment to stay fresh. And the section below throws light on the types. 

    Here is a guide for those who find it painful to throw food in the trash can. Here are some fantastic containers made of plastic, silicone, and acrylic resin. Pick the suitable ones and make the kitchen experience enjoyable! 

    About Food Storage Containers

    Containers With Air Circulation

    Several containers for storing foods like fruits and vegetables allow a layer for breathability. It is because natural produce needs air circulation. Also, such foods should stay dry. It maintains their optimal freshness. So, choosing containers with room for circulation is a good idea. 

    Vacuum Containers 

    On the other hand, if there are pantry samples, they should stay vacuum sealed. It would be best to store cereals, grains, and dried pasta in boxes that do not allow air. It will maintain their freshness and keep pests away. 

    One can use a vacuum seal for preserving odorous foods, spices, and coffee. It is because if these mingle with other foods, their flavor taints. 

    Size Matters

    Choosing a large container is vital if one wants to store an entire strawberry pint. A large OXO pop container is suitable for a five-pound bag of flour. Also, it won’t overflow. Further, one can look for big-size containers to store such foods seamlessly.

    Transparent Containers

    People who choose transparent containers save themselves money in the long run. It is because buying things already at home is not a good idea. And it happens often. So, keep your food containers clear. 

    Long Term Food Storage Containers

    Rubbermaid Freshworks Food Preservation Containers: Best For Storing Greens

    Rubbermaid Freshworks Containers keep fruit plump and fresh. Also, these are not similar to typical storage containers. These are vented, and the company suggests the preservation containers maintain freshness. 

    One also gets a trademarked CrispTray. It prevents your food from sitting at the bottom. Moreover, the container promotes air circulation. If someone stores the food as it is purchased, the container works best. 

    So, cut and wash the fruits and greens, and once they are ready to consume, store them. Rubbermaid is worth it for people looking for a consistent way to keep their produce delicious. 

    Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Machine: Best Containers For Freezers

    One of the popular ways to store frozen food nowadays is food savers. Vacuum sealing can prevent freezer burn and preserve the food nutrients. It further helps for short-term storage like produce and leftovers. 

    Buying reusable bags for vacuum sealing is a good idea. With that, the company also offers a Zwilling machine. Storing anything in the refrigerator becomes easy after sealing foods. 

    Also, the company claims that these containers keep your food safe. It stays as it is for five times longer than any other storage container. Moreover, the food will feel fresher for longer. So, tonight’s dinner will taste good even till tomorrow’s lunch. 

    Deli Containers: Best For Meal Prep

    Especially for meal prep, deli containers are the best. One can choose them for almost everything. Also, here’s a pro-tip for snackers and lovers. For homemade dressings, you may need small-size containers. You can also store portioned snacks and salsa in deli containers. 

    From cold to hot items to freezer leftovers, one can store everything in these small containers. Even for on-the-go lunch items, these boxes are great. 

    While whisking eggs, too, tall containers are mess-free. So, raw eggs do not fly out of bowls! Also, when one isn’t using these deli containers, they stack perfectly. 

    OXO Food Saver Ultimate Set: Best Containers For Storing Produce

    Here are nifty food savers to store halves of fruits leftover from any preparation. So whether one uses half of a lemon for a homemade margarita, you can store the other. For those who don’t want to separate from the other half, OXO food containers are the best. Even half of the onion served with fajitas leaves another half behind. So, these reusable food storage containers are fantastic for maximizing produce usage! 

    Even though this OXO set is designed for veggies and fruits, it works well for any food item. For an avocado saver, the container is a top pick of experts. Also, there’s stretchy silicone covering that hugs the produce tightly. It snaps shut and keeps leftovers fresh and tasty. 

    Glasslock Assorted Oven Safe Container: Best Glass Container Set

    It is safe to use these containers in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer. When one buys a set of 18 pieces, it includes a variety of sizes. 

    PrepWorks Long Produce Keeper

    Preparing food should be fun, easy, faster, and enjoyable. However, it can feel like a wild-goose chase to find fresh produce of veggies and fruits each time. The good part is there’s a quick way out. PrepWorks long-produced keeper works here! 

    This company is committed to creating an enjoyable kitchen experience. One may think it is a hype way of promotion. But, the qualities are real. It’s because the container features an airflow vent and is multi-functional. 

    The food container controls humidity for managing water from getting condensed. It comes with an easy-to-follow and read manual on the box lid. Moreover, PrepWorks is safe with dishwashers and is easy to clean. The carrying capacity is around 5.75 quarts. 


    There is no fun in throwing away food. And as conscious beings, preventing the wastage of fruits and vegetables is vital. But then walking to the grocery store time and again isn’t interesting. So, a wise option is to pick a container (from the ones above) and store eatables. One can take an air-tight box or a ventilated produce keeper and maintain food fresh