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Best Dog Breeds for Kids

    There is no doubt that dogs can be your kids’ best playmates. They are lively, loving, and supremely caring. Other than being lifelong friends, dogs can be great teachers, too, helping your children learn great virtues such as loyalty, compassion, and cooperation.
    Please note – not all dog breeds are kids’ friendly. So, if you’re planning to get a dog for your child, make sure you choose one from the list provided below.

    1. Havanese Dogs


    Once belonging to the Cuban aristocracy, Havanese is distinguished for its long, smooth hair, cute eyes, and cuddly size. They are charming not only because they are good-looking but also because of their playful and friendly disposition. Havanese dogs are easy to train as they are fast learners and love to please their owners.

    Havanese prefer to get daily exercise but do not need a lot of it. Plus, the dog breed only needs to be fed three times a day. Considering these factors, it’s safe to say, Havanese dogs are quite easy to maintain.

    2. Poodle


    Children love poodles and vice versa!
    This dog breed possesses energy levels that often match the energy of kids. Poodles also happen to be gentle and loving – thus, a perfect fit for small kids. Unlike other breeds, they do not shed much and are an ideal choice for sensitive children with allergies. Poodles are also a smart and active dog breed, and therefore, training them is no feat.

    3. Collies


    If you’re looking for a large dog for your older kid, look no further than a collie. This dog breed gets along not only with kids but with older people as well as with other pet animals. Collies tend to develop a strong bond with their owner and are protective of them at all times.
    These affectionate dogs are easy to train when the process of it is fun and full of rewards. They love to play, run, jump, and obey their owner.

    4. Golden Retriever


    Golden retrievers are another most kids’-friendly dogs to consider. They are smart, loyal, and gentle. Golden retrievers are also fit and athletic, so they love to exercise daily.

    This dog breed is a good option for parents that may want their dull kids to be more active and outgoing.

    5. Beagle


    Beagles are excellent companions for kids and adults alike. They love to be around people, so they make a great family pet. Beagles also possess a sweet, curious nature, which makes it easy to train them.
    Beagles are loving and caring, and kids adore them to no end.

    These are the top five dog breeds that parents can consider getting for their children. All of them have a calm and playful temperament and are good with kids.