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Best Entrance Mats to Clean Your Dirty Feet


    Everyone wants to keep their home clean and tidy, and one of the best ways to ensure that is by keeping an entrance mat at your door so that you (along with your family, friends, and guests) do not bring mud, dirt, snow, sand, or rain, as you step into the house.

    Listed below are the best entrance mats to clean your dirty feet:

    1.     PLUS Haven Pure Coco Coir Doormat with Heavy-Duty PVC Backing

    The PLUS Haven Pure Coco Coir Doormat is designed from the durable, natural fibers of coconut coir that instantly absorb dirt, moisture, and other particles. Now, we know what you’re thinking. With coconut coir as the design material, shedding is inevitable, but the doormat is proven to be long-lasting. It’s heavy-duty, eco-friendly, and resistant to moisture as well as fungi and bacteria. All of this makes the entrance mat super low maintenance.

    The mat is used for both indoors and outdoors, so it’s perfect for placing anywhere you want – outside your room or your home. The PLUS Haven doormat is so attractive that it makes for a great housewarming gift for your loved ones, too.

    2.     Kempf Half Round Inlaid Sun Ray Doormat

    The Kempf Half Round Doormat is a stylish yet practical item to place at the entrance of your door. It has a simple yet attractive design that remains intact, meaning the mat doesn’t fade in the sun as many printed mats do.

    The outdoor mat also comes with a recycled rubber backing that allows it to stay in place, so if people keep coming and going to your house, this doormat is indeed a great choice!

    3.     Refetone Indoor Doormat Front Door Mat

    The Refetone Indoor Doormat Front Door Mat is a fabulous mud- and snow-absorbent. It’s non-slip, so it stays in place. This is what makes the doormat so safe. Its low-profile design doesn’t cause common problems like getting stuck in the doorway, causing you to have to yank it out from under the door.

    The doormat is also dense, made from quality polypropylene fiber weaved in color patterns that match the home design and décor. Along with this, it is also super easy to clean, which is why this is a great doormat for your home.

    4.     Gorilla Grip Original Mat

    The Gorilla Grip Original Mat is absorbent and machine washable. Its low profile may not draw instant attention, but it works wonderfully to leave mud and other unwanted debris at your door.

    Available in several colors, the mat comes with an extra-absorbent soft top layer that feels plush and comfortable. The mat also happens to be thick and protective, keeping the floor clean and your bare feet warm.

    You can keep the doormat both indoors and outdoors.

    5.     Home Natural Coir Doormat

    The Home Natural Coir Doormat is a decorative yet convenient outdoor mat. It comes with a checker design and a beautifully-written “welcome” print. It’s made from 100% coconut coir fiber, so it’s reliable and long-lasting.

    You can find the doormat in a variety of trendy colors and fun designs, so you can choose the one that matches the exterior of your home. What we love the most about this mat is that it’s super easy to clean. Shake briskly and get rid of all the dirt and debris just like that!

    6.     DEXI Door Mat Front Indoor/Outdoor Doormat

    The DEXI Doormat is a large rectangular rubber outdoor mat designed to be strong, flexible, and durable. The eco-friendly polypropylene material surface efficiently captures and retains all the dirt, dust, and sand that your sole brings with it.

    Non-slip and safe, the doormat is supremely easy to clean. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the undesired particles. The doormat can sit out in the sun without its color or pattern fading over time. You can also place this doormat in your garages, patios, laundry rooms, basements, and the likes.

    7.     DII Outdoor Rubber Easy Clean Entry Way Welcome Doormat

    The DII Outdoor Rubber Welcome Doormat comes with a beautiful design that adds to your doorway’s exterior. Made from durable PVC material, the rubber doormat can effectively trap dirt, dust, mud, grit, snow, and water to drain instantly.

    The rubber doormat is perfect for all entryways. Keep one at each of your exterior doors, including the porch, garage, main gate, etc.

    The doormat is not only just pretty but highly functional, too. It’s indeed worth investing in.

    8.     Mat 7-Banquet Outdoor Mat

    Having a rubber surface for trapping mud and debris, the Mat 7-Banquet is a nicely textured thick outdoor mat. It’s the kind that looks stylish no matter the style of your entryway.

    It’s heavier and durable. Owing to its plastic back, the doormat is sticky and non-slippery. It perfectly absorbs all dirt and moisture, which means getting rid of unwanted debris is also easier. All you have to do is sweep the mat with a broom, and you’re good to go. Durable and odorless, the outdoor mat is worth every penny!

    Choose any of these best entrance mats to clean your dirty feet. They are affordable, washable, and are readily available online.





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