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Best Kitchen Tools for Holiday Cooking

    Handy Kitchen Tools to Elevate Your Holidays Cooking

    Guess what! The most beautiful time of the year is about to come. From champagne and wine to the ravioli cooked very fine, our kitchens are filled with cheer and memories during holidays. Let’s be honest, we all want to try to cook everything new we heard about or tasted somewhere during our holidays. While we agree you’ve developed the skill of managing things with minimal supplies available, and that’s applaudable. But what if we say some kitchen tools may add more perfection to your already perfect cooking?

    While we often pay attention to chef knives or nice plates and wine glasses, we can sometimes ignore essentials that can be very helpful to us. Just a few extra bucks and these gadgets will add a new flavor to your cooking and a dazzling smile on your face.

    10 Best Kitchen Tools for Holiday Cooking

    1.      Let Your Baking Skills Shine with a Kitchen Scale

    If you’re into serious baking or your kids’ love brownies, a kitchen scale is a must buy. You can buy one from Amazon for around $15 to $20. We all know baking is all about measurements, and nothing can beat a kitchen scale when it comes to measurements. It’s something that will make your recipes more precise.

    2.      Make Everything Crystal Clear with Universal Pan Lids

    Standing behind the stove and checking in every five minutes what’s happening with our favorite dish is something we all have been through. But it’s a fact cooking takes more time when we open the lid again and again because it releases all the heat. To save you from this, we recommend you buy a see-through universal pan lid. These lids come with different rings and ridges so that it can fit any pan. While buying this, make sure you’re going for a cool stay knob, because the last thing you want is to burn yourself in excitement.

    3.       Become a Perfectionist with an Instant Thermometer

    Just five degrees and your almost perfect steak lost its perfection. Unless you’re a professional chef, cooking only by seeing the meat won’t help much. We recommend you to buy a good quality thermometer to create mouthwatering dishes with chicken, t-bone steak, turkey, or even a loaf of bread. The temperature will let you know when the food is cooked perfectly.

    4.      Save Your Precious Time with the Help of Mandoline

    This is something every cook should buy. When you’re in a hurry, or you have some very important guests to attend to, the last thing you would want is to spend the whole evening chopping uniform slices for salads or pizza toppings. A mandolin makes your task ridiculously quick and gives a subtle touch to your preparation.

    5.      Budget-Friendly Silicone Baking Mat

    We use rolls and rolls of baking or parchment paper, and running out of them exactly at the wrong time could be a nightmare. We have got a savior for you. A silicone baking mat is reusable and saves a lot of wastage. You can even use it for rolling sticky dough. 

    6.      Clean Edges with a Knife Sharpener

    A good knife is an investment you make for the long term. When you buy it with so many hopes, it’s meant to serve its purpose. The problem arises when it gets dull either we have to send it to a professional or settle down for a mediocre knife. The good news is you can get a good knife sharpener for an affordable price. The tool helps your knife to perform well and last for a long time. You can choose from various brands on amazon.

    7.      Easy prep with a Large Cutting Board

    For preparing any complex dish, preparation is a stepping stone. If you have to chop, mince, or dice a lot of vegetables, having a spacious chopping board can make a whole lot of difference. Buying a wooden chopping board of at least 18 by 14 inches will save you from a lot of trouble and will last longer than a cheap plastic one.

    8.      Keep it Hot with a Carafe

    Some of your friends may enjoy a hot beverage with meals, and with this hot beverage carafe, you won’t have to rush to the kitchen every single time someone wants a refill. If you think you can use a coffee or teapot instead, it might keep the beverage hot for some time, but the flavor diminishes. You can keep hot chocolate close by for cozy nights when you’re watching a film and can’t step out of bed. We recommend you to look for a carafe that is easy to clean and use.

    9.      Multi-Tasking with a Spoonula

    Just like you, let your kitchen tools be multitasking. A spoonula takes up all the burden by working as a mixing spoon as well as a spatula. The head is usually made of silicon, and most of them are heat resistant up to 400 degrees F so that you can use them for stirring broth or anything on the stove. Don’t worry about cleaning the spoonula, because it doesn’t ask for extra care; you can merely put it in the dishwasher with other utensils. If you’re buying one with a wooden handle, you have to remove the handle and then wash the head.

    For better results, buy a spoonula with a firm and flexible head and large in size.

    10.    Hassle-Free Pinch Bowls

    You’re preparing your favorite dish and the phone rings, and by the time you’re done attending the call, you realize your pinch bowl is gone. You don’t seem to remember whether you’ve added all the ingredients, or if you end up adding double of them or even worse, none of them. To save you from this, we advise you to buy pinch bowls. You can measure and put the ingredients on your counter. This way, you’ll know what you’ve added and how much. These bowls are sold in sets of 4 to 8 bowls, and you can select sizes.

    The Bottom Line

    Our kitchen is a place that holds a lot of memories and it is maybe the secret to keeping our loved ones happy. We spend a good amount of money and time to bring all the necessary kitchen tools, but we often ignore the small and helpful ones. Besides everything you own, these smaller purchases will make a great difference to your cooking, and you’ll find yourself grateful you brought them. The best part is they don’t need a huge part of your savings, just a few dollars, and you’re all set for a new experience. These were the 10 best kitchen tools for the holiday to elevate the quality of food as well as to save you time.