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Quote Of The Day

We at HouseLifeToday thought you might enjoy a daily quote from a variety of people throughout history. Every day in this post, we will display new quotes for your enjoyment.

Well, I love clothes.
~ Celine Buckens

You can get a bit world-weary in this job, and 'The Passion' reminded me of what a fantastic job acting is and how lucky I am to be doing it.
~ James Nesbitt

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.
~ Carl Sagan

Ever since I'm done with Zim everyone thinks that I'm going to go back to comics. I've been flooded with emails asking me if I'm working on the new Johnny over and over again.
~ Jhonen Vasquez

I need an office and a place I can sit down to get away from television and just write.
~ Allison Tolman

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