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Best Ways To Clean Rugs And Mats

    Rugs and mats are the essences of home décor that brings a vibrant look to your interiors. Therefore, it is a critical aspect to consider while decorating your space. However, with every good thing comes responsibilities. It is essential to maintain your rug to keep them new and dirt-free. 

    You might be surprised to know that there are many ways to clean your rug. Hence, it is essential to consult with the seller regarding the rug material and the suited cleaning method. This will help you keep the fabric integrity tight after every washing method. Here are some best ways to clean rugs and mats. 

    Dust The Rug


    Before initializing the cleaning process by spraying water and using detergent, dust the rug physically. You can do this process by hitting the rug with force using a baseball bat or any other hard object with a flat surface. Using this method, you will eliminate the dust particles on the mat, making sure the fabric is free of excess dirt. Another way to do this is by dusting the rug or mat on the lawn. Continue the process until the cloud of dust dissipates.

    Vacuum The Rug


    While eliminating dust using physical methods sometimes hinders the trapped dust in the fabric. Thus, it becomes difficult for the dust stuck with the material due to electrostatic forces developed by the negative charge. One can get rid of this by vacuuming the rug with a high-pressure suction tube. 

    Determine The Fabric Of The Rug 


    Before selecting the temperature of the water, make sure to determine the rug’s fabric. For instance, one can wash just material with cold and hot water. At the same time, a cotton mat or rug will maintain the fabric integrity only when washed with cold water. Therefore, before subjecting your rug to water treatment for cleaning purposes, it is crucial to understand the fabric material. This will increase the shelf life of the rug and keep it new for a longer time. 

    Carpet Shampoo Products


    Small rugs are easier to maintain when it comes to cleaning. One can easily wash small rugs in the washing machine and then air-dry the rug for reuse. At the same time, more oversized carpet area rugs tend to be challenging to wash. For washing effectively, it is vital to use the best products in the market. Some of the best carpet shampoo products include Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner, Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3, and many more. One can quickly get rid of soils, stains, and odor using shampoo, carpet cleaners, or detergents.

    Hack: Use a soft bristle brush and detergent to rub the parts of the rug which has stains. This process will reduce coloration and keep the carpet stain-free, making it brand new. 

    Water Jet

    The final approach uses a high-pressure water jet to eliminate the foam and excess soil particles. The high-pressure jet is the last strike to eliminate nasty dust and soil particles trapped in the fabric. This final approach will clean the residual dust particles, and grease making the rug smooth. 

    Air-dry Or Exposure To The Sun

    Lastly, it is crucial to let the rug or mat dry without leaving traces of water in the fabric. Washing does make the rug clean but invites dust particles to stick to the wet surface. Hence, it is vital to dry out the rug or mat surface before using it in your room. The best technique to dry your rug is by exposing it to sunlight, provided you have enough space and sunny weather. Another method is air-drying the rug when the weather is not suitable for drying the rug in sunlight.  


    Once you complete these steps, you will have a clean rug! Although it may seem like a long process, it goes by quickly if you only have a few smaller-sized rugs. The most critical items to keep in mind are the material your rug is made out of and make sure to allow the rug to dry completely.