Common Kitchen Décor Mistakes That You Should Avoid

The kitchen is such an important part of every home because it’s the one place where everyone gathers to eat, talk, laugh, and create memories over food. It’s literally the heart of the home that exudes warm connotations like happiness, comfort, safety, and calm. That’s probably why most homeowners pay special attention to their kitchen décor and the overall design in terms of the furniture, color scheme, seating arrangements, and other embellishments.

Similarly, you are likely to come across an impressive collection of kitchen décor trends and ideas, and chances are that you would want to incorporate all of them into your kitchen design!

However, in doing so, many people end up creating what’s referred to as an ‘interior design nightmare’ with tacky and impractical styles.

So, the next time you are on a kitchen renovation mission, here are a few common kitchen décor mistakes that you should avoid at all costs to prevent the hub of your home from turning into a mess.

Too Many Open Cabinets

You might be tempted to show off your beautiful collection of kitchen appliances, crockery, cutlery, and other culinary goodies through a number of open cabinets, but the thing is that too many open cabinets are not such a great idea! Aside from being a breeding ground of dirt and dust, open cabinets aren’t really the trend anymore. You might want to include nice doors on a few to create a balance.

Focusing On Beauty Over Functionality

As fashion and beauty trends, kitchen trends are also ever-evolving, and they change rapidly with time. By the time you finally shortlist some great options for your kitchen, you will find some new styles and designs being introduced in the interior design industry!

Many people end up blindly following these kitchen décor trends and fads while giving preference to beauty over functionality. In doing so, they don’t consider the features, specifications, and practicality of a particular trend, which often ends up badly.

It’s quite a common mistake made by many homeowners, which is why it’s essential that before following a trend, you focus on its features and how functional it will be in the long-term. After all, you aren’t likely to renovate your kitchen every few months, right? It’s a one-time investment that lasts a few years, so one must give preference to efficiency and practicality.

Lack of Ventilation

All the cooking in the kitchen results in hot air and numerous scents that need to be released somewhere out in the open. You need proper and sufficient ventilation for that in the form of multiple windows, exhaust fans, doors, and even skylights, if possible.

Many kitchens lack adequate ventilation, which turns their kitchen into something similar to a hot room!

So, one must consider ventilation options before moving forward with their kitchen renovation.

Too Much Color

While a pop of color here and there is a great way to breathe life into space, do kitchens really need a lot of colors? Colorful kitchens were once the ultimate craze of 2018, but not so much anymore!

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with playing a myriad of colors in your kitchen décor, but you must understand that it can get very overwhelming really fast, and it’s possible that you will get bored of all the green, yellow and blue in a short amount of time.

It’s ideal to stick to a neutral color palette for kitchens, but if you do wish to add some color, you can always go for an accent wall or do nice, funky wallpaper on one of the walls.

Inadequate and Poor Lighting

A kitchen is surely about beautiful countertops and striking accessories, but if you don’t have enough lighting in your kitchen, what’s the point of the other things?

Lighting is such an integral part of a kitchen and creates a tremendous impact on the overall décor. You might design the most stunning kitchen, but without proper lighting, you will be compromising on your own comfort levels.

It’s another common mistake many people make, and it can turn out really bad, especially if you don’t get direct sunlight in your kitchen.

There are so many amazing options to consider and choose from, such as pendant lighting, under cabinet lighting, task lighting, and many others.

A Busy Kitchen Backsplash

Commonly found directly behind sinks, a kitchen backlash primarily serves the purpose of functionality and protection against water damage from accidental splashing.

A common mistake many homeowners make is they opt for a very busy, out-of-the-box backlash that isn’t timeless, nor is it easy to replace. A busy backlash also tends to cause serious distractions and can also affect the resale value of your home.

It is best to stick to a simple, elegant, and more cohesive kitchen backlash that creates a timeless look and appeal.

Lack of Proper Storage

There’s nothing more overwhelming than a cluttered kitchen space, which usually results from a lack of proper storage. It is important that you incorporate adequate and efficient storage in the form of cabinets so that you can easily stock all your kitchen gear neatly and nicely without creating a messy, cluttered space.

You can look into custom cabinetry options where interior designers basically design storage cabinets for you according to the requirements and measurements of your room.

You can also opt for funky hanging racks that are excellent for pots and pans, and they feature a great combination of stylish and functional.

Key Takeaway

The ultimate beauty of a kitchen lies in how functional, stylish, and comfortable it is. It’s okay to experiment with different designs, patterns, and colors, but you must always first focus on how purposeful and efficient the décor is and then move ahead with its execution.

Avoid these kitchen décor mistakes the next time you renovate the space so that the magic of your kitchen stays alive at all times and helps people create beautiful memories in there!


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