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Common Questions About Home Warranties

    Buying a new home or be it a rental, we all want our home to stay protected. But what to do in such cases where you want your house to stay protected while also giving you peace of mind? You buy a home warranty! But what exactly is a home warranty? A home warranty is a type of service provided to house owners to help them pay for repairs and replacements without pitching extra for any damage. 

    Does this mean you get the home warranty for free? Well, if you have such a question about buying a home warranty in your mind, then here are some of the common questions about home warranties that you might want to take a look at! Not only will you be careful next time you apply for a home warranty, but you will also get a warranty that pretty much covers all your expenses!

    What Is The Cost Of A Home Warranty?

    We all know that after buying a new home, you tend to go into a financial crisis. Well, that might be true for some while for others, it might not apply, but when you talk about buying a home warranty for your new house, the first thing that comes to your mind would be the cost. When you take a warranty, the companies know for a fact that the longer you use an appliance, the worse its condition gets. 

    When you buy a new device for your household initially, the rate would be a highly discounted one, but it eventually gets higher and higher as long as you keep on using it. What you need to check out is not the initial rate at which the warranty is being started but the price you will pay down the years. An average plan can go from $250 to $500 and can last between 12 months to even 10 years, depending on the type of company you sign your warranty with. The large appliances you use in the household will also be included in the warranty list, such as a hot tub or a pool, and will increase the overall warranty charges. 

    What Items Does A Home Warranty Cover?

    While it all depends on the company you sign your contract with, it is nearly impossible to say what items your home warranty will cover. Here are some of the specific things that a home warranty will cover:

    • The things that you have kept well-maintained but will be nearing the end of their lifespan soon.
    • Those things that are quite expensive to replace or repair, like an AC system or pool plumbing
    • Things you require to live in your home comfortably, such as a heater. 

    So, does that mean you can also have a warranty covered for your air conditioner or furnace? Well, definitely yes, but that would only mean that you are willing to pay higher charges. 


    What are the limits and exclusions under the home warranty? While you can cover all appliances, as said above, there are some other limitations and exclusions that you always come across when having a home warranty.

    These are specific items that a home warranty will not cover: 

    1. Lights
    2. Skimmers
    3. Pool liner
    4. Jets
    5. Disposable filtration mediums
    6. Heat pump
    7. Solar plumbing or heating equipment


    Limits are the company’s monetary amount beyond which they will not pay for any repair or replacement of a system or appliance used at home. While some companies have set limits on specific items, others tend to limit the entire contract. Other companies also restrict the number of repairs and replacements, and once you go over that amount, you will be paying the rest of the amount. When talking about limits, an example can be given as repairs for the household items will be limited to $2000, beyond which you can’t get help from the warranty. 

    Does It Require A Home Inspection?

    An inspection when applying for a home warranty is not needed; however, you must ensure that you have kept all the appliances in the proper place, kept them maintained, and in good working condition for the home warranty to cover them all. 

    How Fast Can A Repair Be Done?

    If an item is broken and needs a repair, it might take 24 to 48 hours, depending on the company you apply for your warranty with. You might also want to question the contractor about how fast an emergency repair can be done to stay clear of any problems in the future. 

    What Would Be My Responsibilities When Applying For A Home Warranty?

    For an appliance to be covered under warranty, it must be well maintained, and proof of the same will be asked by the companies. Hence, you must maintain evidence that the item is well maintained and does not contain any defaults. Even if you have not been asked for proof, the company does have the right to refuse an item being added to the cover if they feel like it has not been appropriately maintained.

    Final words

    While it all depends on the company that you apply your home warranty with while buying a home warranty, if you ask these questions, you might get a general idea about how much you can save along with how much you need to spend on a home warranty. Having a home warranty is always a good idea in case of an emergency, and it can help you save money in the long run.