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Cute And Trendy DIY Home Decorations

    Everybody desires a beautifully decorated place. Imagine impressing friends and family with the exquisite décor and see them admiring how you created it. Adding some personal touch to the décor will make the house more like home.

    Unfortunately, the cost of decorating your home will be expensive. The house you see on TV and in magazines can cost thousands of dollars for the decoration. Here are some best DIY home decor designs; put them into a simple list. The plans are affordable, easy, and are fantastic. 

    DIY Pet Art

    Transform metallic, round placemats into stylish wall art. Stencil the picture of a cat or dog and then fill the picture with black paint.

    Book Planter

    Cut the pages out of the old book to create a creative planter for the coffee table. Make sure to select a similar or succulent plant that demands the least water. The guests will be fascinated with the creativity that is involved.

    String Art

    In the shape of the star, U.S. state, the heart creates a string art utilizing a wooden board and the range of nails. Pick a string shade that suits the decor in the room.

    Monogram Pillow

    Personalized pillows for the bedroom or living room by painting the initial. Pair the monogram pillows, including custom photo pillows, for the full arrangement.

    Metallic Pears

    Try painting fruit such as pears and apples in some simple graphic pattern. DIY is perfect and easy for every season. Use metallic paint for the extra pop on the dinner table.

    Bamboo Orb Lights

    Craft special lanterns for the home bedroom or office with bamboo strips. Secure the lightbulb indoors and attach the lantern to the ceiling using sturdy hooks.

    Polaroid Gallery Wall

    Put a spin on the traditional gallery wall, including square prints. Pick photos having rich colors, with candid shots from day trips and vacations.

    Mason Jar Herb Garden

    Mason jars can create the perfect home garden. Buy herbs that you use the most and replant those in the jar to fit the kitchen windowsill easily.

    Lace Bowls And Jars

    Layer the mugs, bowls, and serving trays with the pieces of lace. Decoupage cotton lace over the surface for timeless, beautiful decor.

    Painted Pumpkins

    Add more color to the fall decor, including the chalk paint pumpkins. Pick the favorite colors, whether modern, muted palettes or classic fall shades, then arrange them on the dining room table.

    Refurbished Dresser

    Enhance your dresser with shiny knobs and a fresh coat of paint. Try to paint a heart, diamond, or triangle across the drawers for the novel furniture piece.

    Festive Wreath

    When choosing for DIY home projects, don’t neglect holiday and seasonal decor—fashion particular wreaths for the favorite time of the year, such as Halloween or Christmas.

    Colorful Painted Pillows

    Decorate the pillow covers with stamps and a paintbrush. Brighten the bedroom or living room with vibrant colors such as blue, yellow, and pink.

    DIY Wall Lamp

    Industrial vintage lamps can add character to the walls and different lighting to space. Wrap the jute around the lamp’s cord to foster the chic, artsy look.

    Personalized Paperweight

    Personalize the paperweight for the living room or office to decorate while being creative and functional too. Pick the thoughtful quote to have you thinking positively throughout the day.

    Rustic Picture Frames

    Glue the wooden boards together, and then paint those with the weathered look to make the rustic home decor. Add some burlap and a photo using either nails or push pins.

    Polka Dot Wall Art

    Make polka dot canvas art using watercolor or acrylic paint.

    DIY Photo Board

    Recreate any empty frame to make an easy photo board. Using the wire, restring the frame so that you can hang the favorite prints each month.

    Decorative Vases

    Fresh flowers can lift the atmosphere of every room. Start painting empty mason jars and wine bottles with a white coat, then accent using washi tape and a patterned scrapbook paper.

    Wood Pallet Wall

    The accent wall can add character and texture to a bedroom or living room. Build the chic wooden wall out of stained pallet parts.

    Mason Jar Portraits

    Use the mason jar as a creative frame for the favorite photos. Take the small print and then wrap that on the inside of the mason jar.

    Coffee Mug Rack

    Build a place to hang the mugs by repurposing the wood pallet. Paint a word such as tea or cafe for the personalized touch.

    Farmhouse Gallery Wall

    Spray paint the wooden frames in color white, sand their edges for the farmhouse look. Make a gallery wall with different frames endorsed by the accent art.

    DIY Geometric Art

    The DIY home designs don’t have to be complicated. Turn the blank canvas into modern wall art with a brightly colored geometric design.

    Twine Wrapped Bottles

    Wrap the twine around the old bottles for a rustic and simple touch for your room. Find the bottle at the local store or store empty wine bottles at home. They are ideal for holding small florals or as standalone decor.


    Decorating the home is a thing that everyone wants. Not everyone is creative enough to decorate their home on their own. And it is not feasible for most of us to pay such a huge amount to get our home decor done. Therefore, here are some great ideas to do that without any hassle.