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Cute Fall Decor To Showcase Your Indoor Plants

    Autumn is finally here! It is the prettiest time of the year. Fall brings beautiful warm, vibrant yellow, orange, and red colors, along with a cool breeze and lots of peace. If you’re someone who would love to expand this feeling to your indoor fall décor, you are in the right place.

    There are several festive ways in which you can decorate your house for fall. Pinecones, pumpkins, fall foliage, gourds… the possibilities are endless. You can mix and match elements so that they bring out the variety of your indoor plants. After all, there is nothing better than setting the autumn mood by using natural materials from your backyard. All you need are some fall-themed décor ideas and a pop of color.

    Here are some cute fall décor ideas to showcase your indoor plants to welcome the new season:

    Rustic Mantle

    This rustic mantle is an easy way to wow your friend and family members. It may sound complicated, but it will take under 10 minutes to make. First, start off with wrapping twine and bright fall leaves around some jars or votive holders a couple of times. Secure all of this with a tight knot so that nothing falls out. For different heights, you can place a different number of white pumpkins on top of the jars.

    No fall décor is complete without an assortment of fall leaves. Gather some up and with the help of a wire, attach them to a rope so that you can make a gorgeous seasonal garland. To attach your pretty garland to the mantel, make use of adhesive hooks. Don’t worry; these hooks can be temporary so that you can replace the décor in your home as soon as fall ends.

    Fall Pumpkin Tableau

    All you need is a basic tablespace décor to showcase your indoor plants this fall. Get a tall vase filled with water and find some branches of different-colored fall leaves to arrange in it. This will be the focal point of your room as the bright colors will draw everyone’s attention. Now, you need to set the rest of your tabletop to give the vase some company.

    No fall décor is complete without a variety of seasonal gourds. Find gourds of different colors, textures, and sizes to make a diverse display. Stack the gourds in random order and cover them with a big glass cloche. Use another glass cloche to cover some pinecones. For some creativity, you can place the pinecones on top of a flat pumpkin- it’s all about improvising. If you have a small tree, add that for some texture; layout your indoor plants in the empty spaces on the table.


    No fall décor is complete without a centerpiece that showcases a mix of fall colors, along with some whites and greens. The purpose of this centerpiece is to achieve the calm and wonder that you feel in autumn. All you need is a round container or tray filled with potting soil. Throw in your indoor plants, such as succulents, and start arranging them.

    The succulents can be stacked in the center of the tray, but you must ensure that there is space left on the edges. Here, you will place small white and orange pumpkins to get that feeling of fall. You can also add some vegetables from your garden, such as radishes, eggplants, and kale. If you have fresh herbs growing indoors, use those to fill the gaps in the tray. You will be left with a concoction of indoor plants and fall pumpkins that will instantly brighten up the room.

    Make A Mumkin

    Pumpkins are the highlight of fall. Throw in some chrysanthemums, and there you have it- a mumkin!

    Smaller gourds can be loaded with pansies to add in a trio of colors that will brighten up your entrance and create the cutest fall décor.

    Add Some White Pumpkins

    Did you know that white pumpkins can create an elegant fall twist in your house? Begin with a grapevine wreath that you can buy at any local store. Then, pick some small white pumpkins. Start with attaching these pumpkins to florist picks. Attach the picks into the wreath and space them out in an even manner. Now, using a wire, attach the pumpkins to the wreath.

    With the help of some extra florist picks, attach some seasonal plants to the spaces in between the pumpkins. For a vibrant finish, add different colored fall leaves to create a wreath.

    Decorate The Steps Of Your House

    Have you noticed how every fall, you find chrysanthemums? This is because mums make the cutest fall décor. When they are buds, you may not find them very impressive, but as soon as the buds start to bloom, they are bound to take your breath away.

    The best part about mums is that they can bloom well regardless of shade or sun. To make them last longer, water them when they are dry and get rid of rotten or dead flowers. If you are looking to jazz up your display, throw in some boxwoods and Mexican sage. This fall, everyone passing by your house is bound to fall in love with the colors, creativity, and positivity that your house displays.

    Chinese Lantern Plant

    Known as Physalis alkekengi, the Chinese Lantern Plant is commonly called ground cherry or winter cherry. It is a carefree plant that is shaped like a lantern and has the most beautiful orange color. This makes it perfect for fall decorations. The cut stem of the lanterns dries well. This means that you can place it in a vase without water, and it will not wilt for more than a year.

    If you want to dry the Chinese Lantern plant, all you need remove the stem of the plant at ground level and strip off the leaves. Then, store it upside down in a dark place. Wait for three weeks for it to dry. Once ready, you can use the Chinese Lantern Plant to make a beautiful floral arrangement inside your home.