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Defining The Top Trending Design Styles

    A home is an extraordinary place, and we all spend a significant portion of our lives building our perfect house. And that’s completely valid; after all, we spend maximum time at our home, and even if we don’t, it’s our home that we come back to each night. This is why it’s essential to put a considerable amount of thought and effort into planning the interiors of our house. You should feel comfortable and at peace in your house while also ensuring that it looks attractive. 

    A bit of a challenge because there are many different designing and decorating styles today. So, to help you design your dream house, we’re here with a shortlisted compilation of some of the trending home designs. 

    First Of All, Why Is It Essential To Plan A Trendy Home Design?


    Home design trends don’t exist just for the sake of it. Some do, but most of the time, it is the changing lifestyle of humans that gives rise to the need to develop suitable modern interiors, becoming trends. However, some trends are in fashion and styles, which enhance the house’s overall appeal. Either way, trendy home designs can genuinely make a big difference and will undoubtedly set your place apart from the others. 

    Now that we have addressed the fundamental question, let’s discuss the recent trends to spice your house. 

    Modern Style


    Modern interiors have been the most in-demand out of the numerous design ranges, majorly because of the maximum space optimization that it promotes. It is a solid blend of technological additions, stylish materials, sleek furniture coupled with transparency and efficiency in the rooms. Rooms with a modern design not only look attractive but are also easy to manage and maintain. Promoting functional simplicity in the plans, resulting from a careful selection of components, textures, materials, and other aspects. All these together make up for a highly efficient, subtle yet statement-making interior. 

    Industrial Style

    This is yet another highly demanded and recently growing design style that looks more on the rustic side, with a dash of creativity. The basic idea of industrial style is to incorporate industrial working parts in the interiors paired with neutral color mixing and natural materials. This concept revolves around the phrase “machine for living” and sets a masculine tone of the house. The reason behind this is that it highlights qualities like roughness and toughness in the overall appeal. With the right color palette and furniture, industrial style can genuinely be a gamechanger. 

    Mid-Century Modern Style

    After the second world war, the mid-century modern style came into the picture and grew ever since. It involves multiple colors, be it on the walls, floor, furniture, or carpets. It is pretty inclined towards modernistic designs and incorporates several crisp lines, textures, and patterns. This style was developed by keeping social interactions in mind, promoting a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the room. The colors usually used in this are shades of yellow, orange, and green, all warm and welcoming colors as per the color theory.

    Primary Color Palette

    This is more of a bold trend, majorly because it is pretty abstract and unusual. However, when executed correctly, your house can be an absolute trendsetter. In this style, two intense, vibrant, primary colors are used against muted shades, such that they contrast yet complement each other. It is a little challenging, but hiring the right interior designer will certainly help strike the right balance. Vibrant shades from the color wheel like yellow, red, green, and blue can genuinely intensify the overall look. 

    Country Style

    This is ideal for the free-spirited ones or those who wish to have a warm, cozy and snuggly interior. In this style, warm, muted shades are used on the walls and flooring, while the fabric has patterns and designs. It has a soft touch as country-style majorly embraces qualities of warmth, intimacy, and balance. One of the traditionally existing styles and is therefore often garnered with pottery and rustic furniture. There are several adaptations to this style, but the most popularly received one is the French country style. 

    Shabby Chic Style

    This is a traditional British interior design style, giving off a rich, feminine, soft look to the rooms. It makes use of colors like white, baby pink, salmon pink, lavender, purple, and so on. It embraces fluidity, romance, and love like no other style. The fabrics usually used in this style are soft cotton and French linen, which adds a sense of richness to the overall look. Even the furniture components have a traditional design and have soft colors. Anyone who enjoys the British lifestyle, soft, pink aesthetic, and distressed appeal will surely love the shabby chic style. 

    Coastal Style

    Every time you enter a room that has a coastal style, you will immediately feel refreshed, excited, and full of life. This is because the coastal style allows maximum natural light to the room to evoke freshness. It takes an organic inspiration and uses ocean elements, raw materials, and even sailing equipment, for that matter. It reminds you of summer without bringing any heat, and that’s the beauty of the coastal style. Featuring contrasting colors like blue and white, which gives it a lively and playful look and feel. 

    Bohemian Style

    This is one of the classic styles that has somehow managed to stay in trend even today, majorly because of its uniqueness and timelessness. It is for the free-spirited souls, as it allows limitless creative freedom, allowing you to play with colors, textures, prints, patterns, and materials. This style truly stands out from the rest, so it is the most unconventional style that embraces individuality and extraordinary thinking. 

    Rustic Style

    This is, again, one of the home decoration styles and has recently flowed back in trend, as more and more people attempt to add rustic elements to their interior, or even a full-fledged classic rustic look. This involves the use of dark, neutral colors like brown, grey, etc. Other than that, it lays an incredible amount of focus on a consistent material, which is wood, leather, iron, natural fibers, and so on. Warm and welcoming vibes are one of the classic “family home” styles. You will be surprised to know that rustic style is in great demand in country houses, urban flats, and bungalows. 

    These were the most trendy design styles. In addition to these, you may also consider the following kinds:

    Minimalistic Style

    Hollywood Regency style

    Tropical Style

    Asian/Zen Style

    Vintage Style

    Contemporary Style

    Urban Style

    Traditional/Classic Style

    Transitional Style, etc. 


    In a nutshell, it is fair to say that the world of interior design has grown incredibly, catering to various styles, giving off different kinds of charm. There are so many choices in terms of flooring, ceiling, furniture, wall paint colors, materials, textures, patterns, and so on. And the styles mentioned above will undoubtedly enable you to set the right tone for your house.