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DIY: Backyard Movie Night

    DIY Outdoor Movie Theater For Your Backyard 

    An outdoor movie theater is a perfect idea to experience comfort with the family. Proper equipment like a movie screen and portable projector, with Bluetooth, is essential for watching a movie in your outdoor theater. Apart from considering all your outdoor cinema requirements, this article aims to focus on the set-up and preparations necessary to enjoy your backyard movie. 

    What do you need for a DIY backyard movie night? 

    Below are the essential outdoor movie theater requirements. 

    Sheet or portable screen 

    An outdoor screen will naturally have fewer wrinkles than a sheet, which is important for clear movie-watching. However, the sheet needs a vertical flat surface or stand for support to make the movie experience comfortable and satisfying. The movie screen’s exactness and perfection are essential because an unclear picture will take away from the pleasure of watching a movie in your outdoor theater.  

    Portable projector  

    You can buy portable projectors and outdoor screens as a pair to get an optimal pixel quality. However, buying in pairs is only required for permanent installation. A reliable outdoor screen that can also be used as an indoor home theater is perfect for watching a movie in the backyard. Cinemood 360 (portable projector) is useful for families planning to set up an outdoor movie night. This portable projector has built-in access to interactive and educational content for kids. Its streaming services are perfect for an outdoor theater.

    Sound System: Portable Bluetooth Speakers 

    An outdoor speaker system with Bluetooth can function as a great sound system for the perfect cinema. A good speaker system should overcome any environmental sounds like that of wind. They should be water-resistant, easy-to-move, and, most importantly, must have the good sound quality to give you a complete experience of DIY backyard movie night. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker is one to look at.  

    How to prepare for an outdoor movie theater? 

    Pick the best location for your outdoor cinema 

    The portable screen or sheet for outdoor theater requires a back-support such as exterior walls. If the backyard lacks space for screen-placement, garage doors or trees are useful for establishing the movie screen. Look for comfortable outdoor chairs for sitting back and enjoying the outdoor cinema.

    Streaming the backyard movie 

    If your portable projector does not come with a stand, a table or stool will work. Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV can be connected to most projectors to watch a backyard movie. Apart from the sound system and streaming process, consider your lighting as well. You don’t want to much but a little can add to the experience. Hanging string lights from a pagoda or trees will add charm to your theater.  Also, be a good moderate, in more populated areas, be kind to your neighbors’ ears, and set the volume level appropriately. 

    Stylize your DIY backyard movie theater 

    Lots of blankets and piles of outdoor cushions and pillows are perfect for your outdoor theatre. For a fun relaxing atmosphere, hot or cold drinks, wine chillers, hurricane candles, and snacks are essential.  Don’t forget the extension cords, power strips, excellent Wi-Fi connection, bug repellants, and mosquito-control gear so you have a perfect DIY backyard movie night.