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DIY These Products Instead Of Buying

    Have you noticed how expensive our daily use products are? Those sold in grocery stores and elsewhere that contain harmful ingredients are expensive. The good news is you always have a DIY option available. 


    If you want incredibly huge, heavy, and intricate curtains, DIY is always best rather than buying. You can consider a do-it-yourself set of curtains before pressing the BUY NOW button. Further, several options to create your own curtains exist that most often cost much less than purchase. Try some of the easiest DIY curtain ideas. 

    Frames For Art

    Frames available in the market that are oversized and oddly shaped are expensive. But you can make it by yourself at home. So, although it doesn’t make sense to DIY your own art frames, you can save a lot. If you have a smaller art that needs to be framed, market frames are affordable. But for bigger ones, you can DIY. 

    Laundry Detergent

    Buying laundry detergent is often an expensive deal. While most people purchase because they consider DIY a hard option, it is too simple in reality. If you too cringe every time you read the price tag of a detergent pack, make it at home. 

    Take a look at an easy and cheap recipe to prepare laundry detergent that would last for a long time. Plus, the cost will just be a fraction of the market prepacked. 

    Paper Towels Or Rags

    Who would want to spend money on rags and paper towels? DIY yours today. The recipe is simple. You don’t even require a sewing machine. So, the items include your cotton fabric, scissors, thread, and needle. Also, this homemade towel will last longer than the market ones. You can even make rags at home with a few materials. 

    Greeting Cards

    Do you still purchase Christmas and Thanksgiving greeting cards from your nearest gift shop? They may be pretty but aren’t always valued for money. Besides, why spend several dollars on something you can make at home? 

    So, take your white cardboard, some colors, festive stickers, glue, and similar craft items. You can seek help from video tutorials on making greeting cards and have them ready in a short while!

    Household Cleaning Liquid

    The cleaning products sold in the market are quite expensive. Besides, they are full of harsh ingredients. So, if you inhale them, they aren’t suitable for your body at all. So, what’s the way out? You can make your own natural cleaning liquids and bars at home. 

    Top 5 Homemade Foods You Can DIY


    People often forget to make hummus. They spend a lot of money buying it pre-made from a store. If you love hummus and eat it a lot, you can always make it at home. Hummus is a delicious and healthy dish that you can prepare quickly. So, DIY hummus and store it for snacking later. 

    French Fries

    If you buy packed french fries, they often contain chemicals and ingredients that aren’t good for your health. Further, potatoes are available at a meager price at grocery stores. They even contain nutrients like vitamins suitable for your body. So, in place of purchasing packaged fries, you can buy some potatoes and have homemade fries. 

    Protein Bars

    Are you going out and need an excellent filling snack? Then, protein bars can be your go-to. However, most of the grocery shop bars contain tons of sugar. And they aren’t so healthy for you. 

    But the good part is you can make it at home. DIY protein bar recipes are among the quickest. Further, you get something much healthier, satisfying, which saves you a lot of money! 

    Pizza Dough

    Not only is the pizza dough sold in bakery shops and restaurants expensive, but it also has chemicals. So, to save money and ensure you and your family eat healthy pizzas, make it at home. 

    Pizza dough is easy to prepare, and you can take a look at the simplest dough recipe. However, if you wish to save time or require a slice soon, some alternatives for the base include wraps, naan, polenta, and pitta bread.


    Apart from pizza dough, you can also go for homemade ketchup. Those available in the market contain a lot of sugar and other chemicals you shouldn’t consume. Instead, check out an easy and delicious guilt-free ketchup recipe. It is a healthier version of the packed bottle. 

    Personal care DIY products

    Face Toner

    There are many skin benefits of toner. They include making the skin smoother, getting rid of makeup that’s leftover, and redness. Toners are, however, expensive in the market. But you aren’t required to buy a 15 dollar bottle. You’re getting a 100% natural toner at less than 3 dollars when you make it yourself. Try an easy toner made from apple cider vinegar. 

    Face Creams

    Cosmetics like face creams are costly. So, you can go for some DIY ideas. Use natural ingredients for a skin-friendly cream that is affordable. Or at least not as expensive as a 50 dollar market pack. 


    It isn’t always essential to buy everything. Some products are healthier, safer, and cheaper when you use DIY tips. From paper towels to french fries, most items and foods are better when prepared with care at home. Happy doing-it-yourself!