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DIY Yard Projects To Keep Busy

    During these tense and troubled times, it helps to keep busy. There’s no better way to take your mind off your woes and get back to nature than with a creative and fun DIY yard project. Build something that the whole family can enjoy, and you will find that staying home can be an incredible vacation. You don’t need much; just a few simple tools will allow you to build something truly unique. Here are four ideas that will help you beat boredom in a fun and productive way.

    DIY Yard Projects to Keep Busy

    Build a Unique Chair Swing

    Why settle for an old tire swing when you can re-purpose one of your existing benches or chairs into a work of art? It’s easy to turn a chair that you’re not using into a functional and fun chair swing. All you need to do is select a wooden chair, give it a fresh coat of paint, and saw off the legs.

    Then, simply drill holes through the arms, put a sturdy rope or chain, and attach them to the base. You’re ready to mount your masterpiece and enjoy your backyard or porch from your brand new swinging chair or bench.

    Make Your Fence Decorative

    Just because fences are utilitarian doesn’t mean that they can’t also be decorative. Make your fence the star of the yard by tying old wine bottles to the posts and filling them with gorgeous greenery or flowers. You will love the rustic look, and you can change the blooms seasonally for a fresh flair at any time of the year.

    Another way to decorate your fence is to put marbles or decorative stones into the knotholes. The marbles will reflect the sun and give your fence a look that’s simply out of this world.

    Give the Squirrels a Place to Eat

    Thanks to an overnight Instagram success, squirrel picnic tables are all the rage these days. These cute tables attach right to your fence and allow some backyard friends to snack on nuts and seeds in peace.

    You can buy one or make one yourself if you’re handy. All you need is some scrap wood, a drill and some screws, and a bit of patience. If you want to be really fancy, why not stain your squirrel picnic table so that it matches the fence? If you have small children, they are guaranteed to love checking out the critters feasting away at the picnic table.

    Plant a Victory Garden

    Victory gardens used to be all of the rages during the first and second World Wars, and now they’re coming back into fashion. It doesn’t hurt to plant an essential garden in one corner of your yard with grocery stores running out of essential items in several parts of the country.

    Not only will you stay busy cultivating food, but you will also have a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables to eat. Choose what crops you want to put in your garden and set aside a designated space.

    Make the most of your yard with these four DIY suggestions; you’ll enjoy your yard more, keep yourself and the kids occupied, and feel good about making at least one thing better while we all go through difficult times.