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Easy Garden Hose Storage Ideas

    Are you wondering what to do with that garden hose that is always laying around? Well look no further, in this article we will give you several ideas on how to keep your garden hose tidy and organized. Who would have thought there would be so many interesting ways to deal with your garden hose.


    These come in wall mount or mobile units as well as metal or plastic. Here are a few of our top picks for you to ponder.


    There are many options in this category, from open single-use hose storage to something that has a lid and also works well as a place to sit or use as a side table. Here are a few to check out.


    We have all seen the old green metal hose hangers and they’re not a bad option but here are a few other ideas if you are looking for something a little different.


    These stands are designed to press into the ground and then you hang the hose over them. They come in many different styles and designs Here are a few of our picks.

    Who would have thought there were so many options in hose storage. It seems there are just as many hoses to chose from as well. To get you started take a look at these top picks.


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