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Easy Ways To Bring Value To Your House

    Whether you are planning on selling your home or just getting it reappraised so that you can refinance your mortgage, adding value to your home can be beneficial to you in many ways. A freshly updated home can fetch you a higher price on the market and allow you to get a lower interest rate on your mortgage. However, if you do not want to go through all those lengthy full remodels or add an addition to your home that can end up costing thousands of dollars more than expected, there are some easy ways you can add value to your home. This article will look at some simple methods you can do to raise the price of your house.

    Paint The Outside Of Your House

    One of the most basic ways you can add value to your home is simply painting it. A new coat of paint on the outside of your house will not only freshen up its look, but it will also cause people to think that you have freshly re-done all the inside work as well, thus adding more value than updating just one part of your home. You can easily add $2,000 to $5,000 in value by simply painting the outside of your house, and it requires very little time and effort on your part.

    Updating The Roofing

    Another easy way to add value to your home is by adding a new roof to your house. Depending on the size and condition of your roof, you can add anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 in value just by adding a fresh new roof. This may take a bit more time and money than simply painting the outside of your house, but it will look much better when you are done, and again, people will think that you have been working on inside renovations, which adds even more value to your home.

    Update The Plumbing And Electricity In Your House

    By updating the plumbing and electricity in your house, you will ensure that all electrical outlets, fixtures, and light switches are updated. A house with old electrical components can scare away potential buyers as they will worry that if a house isn’t correctly taken care of on the inside, they wonder what else is wrong with it. You can add anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 by updating your electrical and plumbing.

    Update The Bathroom


    Another easy way to add value to your home is by updating or fixing the bathroom. This is usually one of the first places that buyers go as they want to make sure that their bathrooms are in good condition, and if not, they will assume that all other areas of your house have not been updated at all either. You can easily add $3,000 to $5,000 by updating your bathroom fixtures and surfaces. Some simple ways to do this are changing the faucet, sink, shower/tub, toilet, and flooring.

    Add Some Curb Appeal

    An easy way to add value to your home is by adding ‘curb appeal. If you have a garden surrounding your house, you can easily plant flowers and bushes to make it look more appealing. You can also fix any walkways or garden paths that may need fixing. You can easily add $500 to $1,000 by simply adding some curb appeal to your home.

    Install Energy Efficient Windows

    If you are looking for a way to add value to your home, consider replacing the windows. Replacing older single-pane windows with newer energy-efficient ones can significantly improve the comfort in your house and help decrease utility bills. When potential buyers see that you have taken this step, they will view it as an indicator that you have been taking care of your house, and it will add at least $2,000 in value.

    Paint The Interior Of Your House

    Painting the inside of your house instead of the outside is one of the easiest ways to add instant value to your home. You can easily do this for anywhere from a couple hundred to $3,000 by simply choosing brighter colors and changing the color of your ceilings. This will give your house a more vibrant feel and look, again making potential buyers believe that you have done other renovations on inside parts of your home as well.

    Add A Finished Basement

    If you are looking for an easy way to add value to your home, adding a finished basement is one of the best ways to do this. Potential buyers and real estate agents know that most people want basements, and not having one could affect how much they are willing to pay for the house or what they think it’s worth. You can easily add at least $10,000 in value by adding a finished basement.

    Replace Old Doors With New Ones

    Replacing old doors with new ones is easy to add value to your home. Doors are generally one of the first things that buyers notice when looking at a house, and if they are worn out or not up to standard, it could lower the value of your home instantly. You can easily add $1000 to $2000 by simply replacing old doors.


    Adding value to your home is easy and doesn’t have to cost too much. It will pay off in the end when potential buyers are willing to pay more for your house simply because you’ve made some simple updates. In the end, if you do decide you don’t want to move or refinance, the worst that will happen is you will be living in a newly updated home! The best part about these ideas is that they don’t require much work and can be done quickly. You were making them a great way to add value to your home.