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Everything To Know For Spring Cleaning


    This is the spring season and all of you must be busy with the tedious task of deep cleaning. Well, besides deep clean, there are some other rites to this season as well. 

    Only knowing the ways of cleaning isn’t sufficient at all. There is a little bit more to it, that is, all the ways that will make this entire process easily manageable. 

    It is definitely not that easy and effortless when it comes to making your house clean and tidy starting from the top and taking it to the bottom. All you can do is to make this a little enjoyable is by being very well acquainted with the necessary information regarding stain removal, cleansers as well as storage so that you can zip through this complete process of cleaning. 

    All you have to do is go through this article till the very end and also know that this list might need tailoring to your yard and home. Another very important thing is that you have to keep your focus intact on only one task at a time and make a cleaning schedule that you can follow easily. You might start from the attic and then move to the basement while some others might also prefer proceeding from outdoors and then moving indoors.

    Managing Time

    Be ready for spending a lot many days on certain tasks like it may consume a lot of your time to shampooing all your carpets or in organizing your closets. The only advantage you have here is that of enlisting help from your family. Distribute the work according to the capacity and experience the pleasure of having a spotless house. 

    The tips that are given below contain some basic techniques which will assist you in cleaning every possible household object or surface. Just follow them and you will make your way to a refreshed home. 

    Restocking The Supplies 

    Before starting with the cleaning work, you need to make sure that you have adequate quantities of all the must-have cleaning supplies if you wish to make the process smooth and uninterrupted. Know that you always have the option of making natural cleansers with some easily available items like white vinegar, castile soap, baking soda, etc. These homemade cleaners will very nice work on all the surfaces. 

    Any microfiber cloth mop is capable of making easy the tiring work of cleaning wood, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, stone, marble, and ceramic tile. The head of the Wonder mop is machine-washable which makes it the best eco-friendly tool as compared with other conventional alternatives. Sponges that are plant-based, as well as reusable spray bottles, make cleaning jobs a lot easier. Another thing which you can think of stocking up is any mild dishwashing detergent and not to forget an all-purpose cleanser. The other option which you have is making your DIY cleaners. 

    Wiping Ceilings And Walls

    All the dust can be removed using a vacuum cleaner. You also come face to face with surface grime which is usually stubborn. These types are especially found in kitchens. You can tackle them with a degreaser. Make sure it is solvent-free. If you do not wish to mar all your surfaces, then test the product priorly in an inconspicuous area. 

    Resealing all Grout Lines

    You must have noticed a very extremely porous material that is cement-based in almost all of the rooms of your house. It is present between the floor, countertop tiles, walls, etc. These grout lines are prone to many stains. You can use an easily penetrating grout sealer. For best results, use a soft foamy kind of brush to apply the product. 

    Dealing With Rugs

    The only way of cleaning your rugs is by vacuuming and shampooing them to get rid of all the dirt and dust. Synthetic rugs and carpets usually have a backing that is waterproof. It is very easy to deep-clean such rugs using a shampoo machine along with a machine that extracts hot water. Rugs that come without such backings, like Orientals need to be professionally cleaned. 

    Dust Your Shelves And Books

    Grab a good quality feather duster and start by brushing the outside of the shelves. When you are done, take all the books out of it, clean off the dust from the racks as well as from the books. Use either a crevice tool or a dust brush on your vacuum to clean all the tight spots which are not so easy to reach. Using a soft cloth, wipe leather-bound books, especially their spines. 

    What About Upholstered Furnishings

    Now comes the turn of cushions. Take them outside, use your hand to gently beat them. This will remove all the dust. If you find any kind of stains over there, don’t do anything without checking the pieces where you will find care labels. Use crevice tools and vacuum upholstery to clean all the under-seat cushions.

    Window Hardware and Metal Doors Need Polishing 

    All the surfaces that are medium- tarnished can be polished easily by using liquid polishes. A very good alternative to liquid polish is a polish-impregnated cloth. But, if the polishing work is heavier, you will require creams and pastes for the same. Well, if you find that the tarnishing isn’t coming off, then you will have to do the work with a stronger product. 

    Your Home Thorough Dusting 

    While dusting, make sure that you do not forget the places which are a little hard to reach such as window casings and ceiling fans. One simple life-saving trick that you must follow while cleaning the room is that you should always start from the top and then move downwards. This way, when you vacuum the floor, you will clean all the dust that fell down while dusting fans and windows. Never go for dusting sprays as those are not so good. 

    Wooden Furniture Has To Be Waxed

    Take a soft cotton cloth, damp it in water, and then in a dishwashing liquid. Wipe the surfaces with it. Use a Butcher’s wax or any other wax which is readily available to you. Apply this on the surfaces using a cotton rag. Things which you should take into consideration is that the rag which you are using should be folded to give it a form of a square pad. Also, apply wax covering only a few feet at a single time. When the wax dries completely, you can buff the waxed surface with a cloth. 


    The Coronavirus pandemic taught us the value of cleanliness and hygiene. Before the virus, many of us used to just go with the flow and seldom cared to clean our room or house but during the virus, we understood that if we do not keep clean, then disease causing microbes will spread everywhere and eventually be a threat to our life. 

    Some people clean just for the sake of doing it while some people do it thoroughly, that is, at the highest level possible. After going through this article you are fully accustomed to spring cleaning and by accustomed, I mean that you know everything about it, everything you need to know to master it.