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Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Exterior Windows

    Dirty windows can be annoying for multiple reasons, mainly because they reduce light and your overall mood if you depend on vitamin D. Cleaning them is an excellent idea for many reasons, but this simple chore can be done better than most is if one learns the basics about it. Everything you need to know about cleaning exterior windows has been covered below. 

    You need to start by gathering all your tools and supplies. Being prepared with a sponge or a squeegee, absorbent microfiber cloth, rag or clean cloth, a bucket of cleaning solution, a large towel, and rubber squeegee for drying makes up a list that suffices for cleaning the windows. 

    Cleaning Solution 

    How should you go about making your cleaning solution? The answer is not limited to one option, but the consensus favors basic water and dish soap mixture. You can make your cleaning solution by adding a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to approximately two gallons of water. If you prefer equal amounts of water and white vinegar, you can do that too. For crystal clear windows, take a paper towel/newspaper or use a spray bottle and then clean.  

    The Cleaning 

    If you do it the right way, your windows will be just as clean when you do it yourself as they are with a professional’s work. For windows with several small panes, it’s preferable to go with a sponge. You can use a squeegee for larger windows. Start by dipping the sponge into the bucket filled with cleaning solution, and then wring the excess water. Wipe the entire length of the window, and don’t neglect the corners.

     Cleaning Exterior Windows 

    Exterior window cleaning starts with scrubbing. Scrub through the entire glass, and especially the edges. The whole glass should be scrubbed as you carry out the technique. Keep in mind the angle, and direct the extra water towards the dirty area. After the scrubbing, proceed with the squeegee –tip is to limit the glass contact to the corner only. Resume with cleaning narrow top to bottom strip on one side of the glass. Then, push the squeegee blade against the glass’s upper corner and then pull it across the entire window. 

    The top of the squeegee should remain in contact with the window’s top edge. After that, use the clean towel and wipe the blade with it, so the excess water and grime are taken out. Go to the beginning of the process again (with the squeegee top overlapping the preceding stroke), and then pull the squeegee at an angle that makes the excess water go down. Wipe it off, and do it again. After that, use the rags (everything must be readily available since the supplies were gathered before the task was initiated) to remove the excess water present at the window’s bottom edge. For any remaining suds, remove them with your finger and a different rag. For any streaks left behind, use a clean lint-free rag. 

    Other than the standard mop, there are other options for cleaning the exterior windows.

     Magnetic Window Cleaner 

    Life generally gives you more than two options, and one of them does not involve putting yourself in danger lurking on the window ledge. Cleaning the windows’ exterior can be an incredibly challenging task, but not if you have a magnetic window cleaner. Such tools are equipped to wash the windows from both sides with the microfiber cleaning cloths and the cleaning product of your choice. It glides smoothly over the window and cleans it properly.

    Window Cleaning Kit 

    You can also get yourself an apartment-friendly window cleaning kit that makes the job much more comfortable. The set will generally have a squeegee, cleaning cloths, and a sponge. One can find a u-shaped telescopic pole in such sets, which makes the task of scrubbing the exterior windows more straightforward.  

    Don’t delay, and get that dirt off your windows! Enjoy the freshness of sparkling clean glass.