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Fall Clean-up Hacks

    Most of us love fall, but let’s face it; this season of the year could be a little hectic. Leaves falling outdoors can add up to our daily chores. So instead of waiting to clean everything up before any guest arrives, put on some work now to save yourself from anxiety. We’ve brought some cleaning hacks to keep you from last-minute disasters and make your job easier.

    Indoor Cleaning

    Due to the harsh winds and cold weather that come with autumn, it becomes very crucial to pay attention to your home’s interior. While the thought of cleaning the whole interior may haunt you, we’d suggest taking it one room at a time.


    Before you hop into the kitchen to make your favorite dishes for your family, it is vital to give your kitchen a makeover to eliminate dirt, germs, etc. For this, you can wash the walls, clean your refrigerator, Clean up the stove and oven, Clean up the garbage cans, Organize the pantry, and so on.

    Living Room

     We all love to sit and talk for hours with our guests in the living room. Hence your living room is on full display throughout the time guests are present. For cleaning the living room, you can start with wiping your windows, Dust paintings and photo frames, vacuum cushions, couches, and chairs, and wipe down TV, cupboards, lamps, etc. With young kids it can be hard to keep clutter put away, so make sure to ask your kids daily to place any belongings in the living room into their own rooms, and do the same for yourself as well.


     While you may think bedrooms are entirely off-limits, you’ll require them if some guests want to stay overnight. To impress your guests, you can wash your bedding, get new pillow covers, organize your closet and drawers, vacuum the carpets or rugs, and clean the curtains.

    Outdoor Fall Cleaning

    Cleaning outdoors is vital to prevent your home from any possible damage. After getting done with your house’s interiors, it’s time to pay attention to the outdoors.


    Cleaning the yard is the first and foremost step in order to prepare it for winter. If you feel cleaning the leaves task is exhausting, we have a hack for you – instead of taking leaves into small piles, you can gather them directly into an old tarp. Secure the tarp on the ground by placing heavy stones on the corners and rake all the leaves onto it. After this, remove the rocks, pull the sides, and scoop the leaves slowly— a few other hacks to help you with yard clean-up are listed below.

      • While cleaning the yard, wear a tool belt so that you get everything handy when you need them. It can save a lot of time.
      • If you’re bagging leaves, take them into rows instead of a huge pile. This way, you can separately fill leaves into the trash bag at the end of each row.
      • While pruning, it saves a lot of energy when your tools are sharp. 


    Need to clear an avalanche of leaves from the deck? Before putting money in a fancy leaf blower, try the coolest guy in your house – your portable fan. Switch on the fan on the highest setting and watch your deck coming back to life!

    Clean Up With Cardboard

    What if we tell you clearing the turf of fallen leaves is possible without a rake or leaf blower? Yes, you can do it instantly with cardboard. All you have to do is hold the thin edge of the cardboard to the ground and glide the leaves across the yard to clear the litter quickly.

    Cleaning Your Clothes After Clean-up

    Yard Work demands cleaning of damaged branches or sappy trees. While doing all this, if your clothes get stained, we have a solution for you. Take a soft cloth and dip it into rubbing alcohol. Now with the doused cloth, dab the offending area until it disappears.

    Seal the Deck/Fence

     Any wooden fences or decks may need to be resealed during the winters. To be more specific, take a splash test. Pour a glass full of water on the fence or any wooden surface. If the wood absorbs the water and gets dark, it’s time to get them sealed. On the other hand, if you see water drops beading on the surface of wood, they are good to go.

    Our Final Words

    With these super handy hacks, fall clean-up won’t be a painful task for you. It’s always best to dedicate some time now, or it would be an ordeal later. To make the job more manageable, you can make a to-do list of all the tasks, and you can complete one or two at a day. Rushing to get everything done in one day will leave you in a huge mess. With all these tips, you’ll have your home clean in no time.