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Fridge Hacks You Did Not Know

    Have you ever happened to open your fridge to get something out and realize your favorite food has gone bad and many of the canned items passed their expiry date? Fridges get pretty messy, and it’s not avoidable. You buy groceries, set them in their respective places, but you find them all over the place the very next day. It happens, right? It’s quite obvious because it holds drinks, and things get messy there. But the real problem comes in when we have to organize our fridge to hold everything but still feels spacious. 

    Be it drinks, leftovers, or veggies; there is always something that ends up creating a mess. IF you see milk spilling in the fridge due to lack of space or you notice veggies fall out of the refrigerator every time you open the door, it’s time you should do something.

    It would be best to organize your fridge because a disorganized fridge produces more waste than you think. That is why we’ve put together a few hacks to help you with your fridge cleaning task.

    Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Fridge

    1. Say yes to cling films

    If you want to save yourself from cleaning those stubborn stains that occur now and then due to your favorite sauces and spilled milk, try this hack that may save you a lot of time. Take any plastic wrap or cling film and cover every shelf with them. Next time when you’ll see anything spilled on the shelf, all you have to do is peel off the film and throw it.

    2. Try the “Eat Me First”  Box

    If you often forget the perishables you have to consume, they might go bad without your knowledge. If you suffer from this problem, the Eat Me First box can come to your rescue. This is an incredible hack to avoid wastage. You can store everything in this box close to the expiration date or go bad soon. Just take a container and put a label saying eat me first.

    3. Handy Hack with Binder Clips

    If you have a large family, storing bottled drinks must be a considerable struggle. Either they roll down when you lay them on the shelves, or they are too tall to stand up. Instead of storing them in the door, you can use binder clips to save space and stack them on the metal tray.

    4. Get a Lazy Susan

    A fun way to keep things organized is to add a lazy susan in your fridge (or more if needed!). Also, you can easily see everything, and nothing will hide back. You can use them for jars or condiments or anything you need frequent access to.

    5. Don’t throw the egg cartons

    Say yes to recycling and save the egg cartons. You can keep your condiments and squeezable upside down in the egg carton. Seems fun, right?

    6. Always use airtight containers

    Who would want leftover gravy or sauce to spill all over the fridge, right? To save yourself from this, always store your leftovers and open packets in an airtight container. Not only will this hack keep your fridge organized, but also it will keep your food fresh. Furthermore, the airtight container prevents food from getting soggy and from freezer burns.

    7. Keep items where they belong

    Most of the refrigerator comes with different compartments for different food types. Make sure you store fruits and vegetables in the vegetable compartment that is mostly located at the bottom.

    Meat should be in the meat compartment and eggs in the egg tray. Jams, butter, sauces, spreads should be on the topmost shelf.

    8. The middle shelf is for dairy

    Your dairy, including milk, cheese, cream, yogurt, etc., should go on the middle shelf. This is because the temperature is constant in the middle shelf compared to the door, where it fluctuates. That’s why avoid storing any perishable in the fridge door.

    9. Keep it Whole

    Do not cut or slice fruits, vegetables, or even meat until you’re ready to consume them. When chopped, fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat spoil faster than the whole ones. If you have extra uncooked meat left, you can store it in a plastic pouch and keep it in the freezer.

    10. Do not reuse cans

    Once opened, no food should be left in the tin can. If you can’t finish the whole food, transfer it into an airtight container and store it in the fridge. Do not store leftovers in the can as it can alter the taste of the food and may also cause health risks.

    Wrapping Up

    Whether you want to save money or avoid wastage, these handy hacks are definitely worth a try. Apart from these hacks, you must keep a few other things in mind to keep your fridge in good condition.

    It would be best if you try not to open the fridge and freezer doors very frequently. The fridge’s temperature rises as the hot air gets in when you open the door, and cold air escapes. In this situation, the fridge’s compressor has to work hard to build up the temperature again.

    Apart from this, knowing what to chill is very crucial. We store groceries in the fridge to keep them fresh and extend their life, but certain things get bad faster once chilled. For instance,  garlic, bananas, and honey are better at your kitchen counter than in the refrigerator. Tomatoes or many herbs get soggy when kept in the refrigerator.

    So these were fridge hacks you probably didn’t know. We hope we helped you simplify your “once in a while” fridge cleaning chore with these useful hacks. Understanding the art of arranging things is all that you need!