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Fun DIY Projects With Leftover Paint

    Whenever you take on large painting projects such as painting the outside of your house or adding a new paint job to some of the rooms inside your home, it is best to make sure you are fully stocked up on all the paint you may need. However, if you have ever done this, you might be aware that a lot of the time, being fully stocked means having two full cans of paint sitting in your garage for the next two years. So if you have found yourself in the scenario, this article is for you! Read on for some fun DIY projects you can do with leftover paint!

    Make Unique Picture Frames

    While many stores sell picture frames, these can quickly become expensive. And chances are, if you have any leftover paint lying around, then you might also have some very unique pieces of wood lying around. Therefore, using wood and leftover paint is an excellent way to make unique picture frames at a fraction of the cost! You should take your wood and cut it to the size you want for your frame to get started. Then, paint the pieces of wood and let them dry completely. After this, use a trim board nail or strong adhesive to attach the two pieces, and then decorate as desired with cool designs!

    Paint A Coffee Table

    By this time, you probably already know what type of coffee table you would like and where in your home it will go. Therefore, why not make the coffee table itself unique? One great idea for painting a coffee table that will get people looking is to cover it with paint splatters! You can use any color, but be sure to use a matte top coat so that the splatters won’t be shiny. It’s an easy way to make the table stand out, and it will look unique.

    Paint Flower Pots

    If you have a yard and lots of flowers, chances are very likely that you’ve got a stack of flower pots that came with the plants when you bought them. These can quickly accumulate, and it is easy to forget about them if they’re not being used. Therefore, one great idea for using these old flower pots is to paint them with leftover paint! Not only will this allow you to use them again, but it will look very cool as well. Moreover, the design possibilities are endless! You can paint any flower pot or container with whatever color you have leftover and give them a unique look.

    Paint Sticks & Stones

    There are plenty of ways to use leftover paint, but one of the unique ideas is to paint sticks and stones. You might think that this idea sounds weird or complicated, but it’s pretty simple and enjoyable! All you do is find a type of stone or stick and then paint them however you want with whatever colors you have leftover. After this, you can arrange them in your yard and make a cool-looking design! There’s no wrong way to do it either. You could add lots of different colors like paint sticks with multiple colors or paint stones that are all one color. Regardless of how you do it, the result will look very cool!

    Paint Old Furniture

    Another idea for using up leftover paint is to paint old furniture. This can be anything from a kitchen stool to an old cabinet and even your bed frame if it needs a fresh look! By painting your furniture with leftover paint, you can give it a unique look without spending money on new pieces of furniture. You should take the furniture you want to paint and sand it down so the paint will stick. Then, use a spray primer before starting to ensure that the paint will stick even better! When this is complete, you can then choose an attractive color that you want for your furniture! You can pick colors based on existing decors or just colors that surprise you!

    Paint A Wall Mural

    If you want to paint your wall with leftover paint, one unique idea would be to create a full-blown mural! This can be used in nearly any room of your house and get people talking. Not only is this unique, but it’s also enjoyable because the possibilities are endless! You could paint a very detailed landscape in a bedroom or even just paint some fun, colorful dots on a living room wall! Then, all you have to do is paint whatever design you want and get creative. No matter what kind of design you create, it will turn out cool looking!


    These fun DIY projects you can do with leftover paint are unique and will get people looking. Painting sticks, stones, flower pots, old furniture, and even walls are all unique ways to use up that extra paint you have lying around the house. No matter which of these ideas you choose, the result will be a work of art! Don’t forget the most crucial part of doing any of these projects. Have fun!