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Fun Holiday Party Treats To Make

    Christmas is a festival of joy and delight. Its treats should also be as amazing as the holiday season itself. There are so many different types of creative and tasty treats that you can make right at home. This article brings you some fun holiday party treats to make your Christmas memorable. 

    Chocolate reindeer cookies

    It is one of the best-baked treats for Christmas. You only need flour, baking soda, semisweet chocolate chips, almonds, and white chocolate (for decoration). Peanut butter can also be used to bake these cookies. Once ready, you can hang them on the Christmas tree or enjoy it with the family. 

    Cream cheese candies

    You can use cream cheese in many ways. One of them is to make candies. It is one of the most fantastic Christmas treats that require colored sugar, confectioners sugar, and almond or peppermint bark extract. 

    Savory Party Bread

    Being one of the best appetizer recipes for the holiday season, you may bake savory party bread for your Christmas party. All you need is a one-pound loaf of sourdough bread, poppy seeds, green onions, butter, and Jack cheese. Make the delicious recipe and enjoy it with the family.  

    Snowman Oreo Balls

    Kids love making snowmen out of oreo. Give the kids some oreo cookies, cream cheese, Rolo candies, assorted sprinkles, baking chips, and mini oreo cookies. Oreo ball is an easy Christmas treat. It is one of the best holiday treats for kids. 

    Cookie Pops for Christmas

    You need wooden pop sticks, candy coating disks, and holiday treats like sprinkles and golden oreo cookies to make these. It is one of the tastiest Christmas desserts. Add it to your Christmas dinner, or hang the cookie pops on the Christmas tree. 

    Bacon Cheese Wreath

    Many recipes with cream cheese are popular during Christmas. But you can make a wreath of bacon and cream cheese to add to the spirit of Christmas. You need cream cheese, green onions, bacon strips, Parmesan cheese, and mayonnaise. Assorted crackers would act like icing on the cake in your Christmas dinner.  

    Peanut Butter Christmas Mice

    It is best to give kids this task of making mice from peanut butter for the Christmas party. Give them sugar, peanut butter, vanilla extract, flour, brown sugar, large eggs, soft butter, and baking soda. For decorations, you may use peanuts, choco chips, and white chocolate. 

    Cream Cheese Delights

    It is one of the best appetizer recipes for Christmas. Being a no-bake treat, you require sugar, cream cheese, vanilla extract, butter, chopped pecans, red sugar crystals, and salt to make cream cheese. You can also make Christmas candy, as given in the next section. 

    White Christmas Candy

    To make these easy Christmas treats, you need white candy coating, peppermint bark, crushed candy canes, chocolate, white chocolate, and peanut butter. It is prepared like other Christmas desserts. A good thing about this Christmas candy is you can hang it on your Christmas Tree.  

    Peppermint Bark Cake

    It is among the easiest Christmas treats to light up your dining table on a festive night. To make peppermint bark cake, you need dark or semisweet chocolate, sour cream, two eggs, white chocolate, sugar, unsalted butter, cocoa powder, flour, and vegetable oil. 

    Nutty Crispy Rice Cookies

    Rice cookies need ingredients like rice crisps, baking chips, marshmallows, peanut butter, and salted peanuts. Stir the mixture properly. Make sure to cool down the appetizer recipe after baking and store it in an airtight container. 

    Puff Pastry Christmas Tree

    If you wish to make a puff pastry Christmas tree as a treat this Christmas, you should have raspberry jam, sugar, an egg, frozen puff pastry, and rosemary. Puff Pastry Christmas Trees are one of the best Christmas desserts for the holiday season. Enjoy the treat with friends and family.  

    Christmas Cheese ball

    Chopped pecans, salted crackers, vintage cheese, fresh parsley, pepper and salt, capsicum, and cheese cream are required to make a Christmas cheese ball. It is one of the best foods for a Christmas party. A cheese ball is delicious and would make your guests go wild. 

    Chocolate Caramel Wafers

    Your Christmas dinner is incomplete without chocolate caramel wafers. It is one of the tastiest Christmas desserts and the best bake treat. To make these, you need chopped pecans, chocolate candy bars, vanilla wafers, caramel, and evaporated milk.