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Get Better Sleep Using These Methods

    Sleep is one of the governing attributes of living a healthy life. Well, it’s true as sleep keeps the mind at rest and sets the biological clock in sync with the universe. The number of hours one sleeps also determines the number of years one can live on Earth. Having a good sleep also influences your performance and provides energy for extensive physical activity. It is not surprising that sleep has been deeply affected today due to various attributes, stress, and anxiety.   

    This has also influenced the health of young and old alike, giving rise to chronic diseases and more. If you belong to that part of the population facing sleep issues like insomnia, this article will put your circadian rhythm back on track. Here are some effective methods of getting the so-called “good night” sleep to improve your performance during the day and keep you away from diseases. 

    Setting The Right Environment

    Setting the right environment around the place you sleep is quite essential as it affects the quality of your sleep. Your bedroom should consist of two attributes if you wish to sleep peacefully. This includes a silent zone and a low-intensity illumination or darkness. Darkness is essential as it communicates with the mind that it is time to rest by producing melatonin in the body. On the other hand, having a quiet environment reduces distraction and reduces the chances of disturbing you from your sleep.

    Getting Rid Of Your Phone

    Your mobile phone can be a massive distraction as it keeps your eyes wide open. Keeping your mobile phone around you will make you check out social media websites, shopping apps, and more. Furthermore, there is also a possibility that you might get unexpected work calls disturbing you from your sleep. Additionally, having your mobile around you can make you feel restless and turn your mind’s attention towards checking your chats. Hence, it is vital to switch off electronic devices before going to bed or enabling the DND mode or flight mode. This will improve your sleep quality and make you live a long and healthy life. 

    Use A Blue Filter For A Digital Screen 

    Blue light allows your body to stay awake, keeping your eyes wide open, which is advantageous when one wishes to focus and work. However, this affects your sleeping habits and damages your retina. Blue lights are the worst enemy of your eyes as it hinders the melatonin production in your body. They are commonly from digital screens like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This does not mean terminating the use of digital devices. You can use blue light filter glasses or enable eye protection on your device to keep your eye safe and establish your circadian rhythm in sync.  

    Avoid Drinking Coffee Past 7 pm.

    Around 90% of the population in the United States consumes caffeine. This is because caffeine allows efficient performance, energy, and focus required to completing daily tasks. However, caffeine has its limitations. Many people drink coffee for leisure and make it a religion. Hence, people drink coffee throughout the day and in the evenings. This keeps the body energetic throughout the day and the blood pumping, making it difficult for the day to sleep. Hence, it is best to avoid consuming coffee in the evening as it will drastically affect your sleeping habits. 

    Avoid Long Afternoon Naps

    It is an excellent habit to take less than 30 minutes of afternoon naps to promote better cognitive functions. However, exceeding the limit can pose negative impacts on your sleeping habits. For instance, when you take long and irregular naps in the afternoon, your body is internally flummoxed, producing varying melatonin levels affecting your circadian rhythms. Furthermore, studies have also shown that those who sleep in the afternoon have poor sleep quality during the night, thereby affecting their health. If you take regular afternoon naps and are experiencing lousy sleeping habits, then it is time to stop taking those daytime naps. 

    Be Consistent With Your Alarm Clock

    Did you know that your body has a set circadian rhythm that functions in a loop syncing with sunrise and sunset? Therefore, if your body is out of sync, it is essential to take measures to set your circadian rhythm back on track. This can be done by following a strict schedule of going to bed and waking up early despite holidays.

    Being consistent allows your body to produce the required melatonin needed for a good sleep naturally. It is a common experience this day where people sleep late at night and wake up with a bad headache due to poor sleep. Hence, setting your alarm clock at consistent wake-up times sets your circadian rhythm back on track and improves melatonin levels. 

    Avoid Alcohol

    Studies indicate that individuals who drink alcohol suffer from irregular sleep patterns and exhibit symptoms of sleep apnea. Alcoholic products also alter melatonin levels in the body due to their chemical composition. Hence, one should avoid alcohol before going to bed. 

    Perform Meditation Exercises

    The human brain is one of the most complex systems in the world. Hence, it needs a break now and then to ease your mind from stress. Thus, it is crucial to perform meditation exercises or yoga to improve concentration. Studies have shown that doing meditation for a few minutes daily improves the quality of your sleep. Furthermore, the mind is relaxed, allowing you to concentrate and establish a consistent sleep schedule.

    Take A Shower Before Sleeping

    What better way to relax than taking a shower? The most effective tactic in helping your body fall asleep is staying stress-free, which relaxation methods can achieve. Studies have also provided evidence of the effectiveness of taking a shower and its impact on the body. Furthermore, another study where taking a hot water shower for an hour improves the quality of sleep.


    It is essential to establish a good quality of sleep using natural methods without taking any melatonin supplements. This is because depending on sleep supplements causes dependence and can become an addiction over time. Hence, before switching to sleep supplements, you should try these effective methods to get a good sleep quality.