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What Type Of Blankets Help You Fall Asleep

    Nothing is worse than tossing and turning all night, unable to sleep. Well, it turns out your blanket can do quite a bit to help you in this regard. Though it may not be the magic pill for those who have insomnia, a good comfy blanket can change the game for others! Good sleep associates bringing in the right temperament. Until and unless your body is tired, it is unlikely that you will fall asleep right away. As you toss around finding the most comfortable position, you might have noticed some similarities. 

    First, the temperature should be just perfect! Neither too hot nor too cold. As the temperature begins to fluctuate, you might have noticed how the body twists and turns until it feels just right. Hence, maintaining the right temperature to complement your blanket might be the key. Heavier blankets may have been your go-to preference over the years owing to the comfy snuggling feeling that the blanket gives. But studies suggest they might be doing much more than just cozy vibes. Adding on, the type of blanket may help you have a better sleep.

    Are Weighted Blankets Only A Fad?

    Weighted blankets are sweeping the mattress industry with promising proclaims. From helping people have a relaxing sleep by calming the nervous system to deep slumber aided by pressure therapy, the list goes on. But are these results researched?

    Doctors and mental health researchers across the globe have indicated the positive effect of weighted blankets on their patients. Exclusively beneficial for people with a high level of anxiety, the weighted blankets have proved helpful for people to fall asleep faster than otherwise. But all of these results are surveyed with medical treatment in the background. Hence, concrete evidence pointing to the medical benefits is still underway. 

    Deep Pressure System

    Weighted blankets or gravity blankets are rising in popularity with their claims to help sleep by reducing stress and anxiety. Weighted blankets have small pellets or beads to increase the weight and the pressure exerted by the blanket on the body.

    The blankets come in a whole range of sizes for all age groups. It is best not to buy a weighted blanket with more than 10% of your body weight, as it may become too overbearing. The heavy blankets may make the temperature too warm or uncomfortable for the body to breathe comfortably. Hence, look for a size that fits you rather than going for a standard fit for all.

    The added weights in your blanket push your body down into the mattress. This pressure helps to calm you down, similar to the effect of someone hugging you. This helps in decreasing anxiety and lowering blood pressure, helping you sleep better. 

    The calming effect attributes to improved levels of cortisol and serotonin in the body. The sleep cycle is also affected by the melatonin levels in the body. Hence, improved sleep due to weighted blankets also pushes towards the theory that the blankets may trigger melatonin production. 

    The weighted blankets may also prove beneficial to people suffering from body aches. Along with other treatments, the pressure may help to alleviate the chronic pain during the sleeping period. 

    Will They Replace The Traditional Blankets?

    No, because the weighted blankets are pricey. So yes, luxury goods may not be enlisted as an ordinary commodity for a long time to come. Moreover, they might not be suited for all. If you suffer from a health condition, it is better to seek medical advice regarding the weight of the blankets you can use. For other people like the children and elderly, the heavy blankets might be too uncomfortable to get a sound sleep. 

    Partly due to the claims of its benefits and partly because users loved them. Moreover, a heavy blanket or duvet set is not equivalent to weighted blankets. The weighted blankets conform along your body, giving even pressure along all sides, whereas a heavy blanket sits on top of you. However, apart from the medical field, the weighted blankets do find takers across various sectors. 

    What To Look For In The Blankets?

    Weighted or not, blankets are there to help you have a comfortable sleep. Hence, before buying a blanket, make sure they fulfill the following requirement!

    1. Give enough warmth. The blankets should be able to warm you against cold nights. At the same time, they must not generate too much heat. This should be taken care of while buying the weighted blankets, as too heavy blankets raise the temperature too much!
    2. The blankets must not suffocate you as you sleep. They should be breathable.  Hence, make sure that they are breathable and not too overbearing.
    3. Easy to clean. Blankets are a haven for dust mites and several microbes! Hence, make sure they are easy to clean. 
    4. The texture matters. The soft fleece blankets are good for children. Give special attention to the fabric to suit your preference.   


    Companies like Bearaby and Vellux have been crafting weighted blankets catering to various sizes. Hence, if you want to switch over, these companies might have what you are looking for!