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Grilling That Perfect Steak

    Summertime is approaching, which means it’s time to start firing up the grills. You went to your local supermarket or butcher and picked up some beautiful steaks, but you’re not sure the best way to approach cooking them. Well, look no further, because this is your guide to grilling the perfect steak.

    Steaks can be tricky based on a number of factors. Certain cuts don’t have a high fat content, which may result in you adding more oil or butter. Some are larger and have a bone that can require longer cooking time. If you follow these steps, no matter the cut of meat, you are in a position to have a steakhouse dinner in your backyard.

    Prepare the Steaks

    So many people make their first mistake here. Take the steak out at least twenty minutes before cooking. When a steak is too cold, you are going to get your outside seared before the inside of your steak is at the proper temperature, which can result in overcooking the exterior.

    Feel free to add salt to your steaks as they’re sitting out. While some may say that it dries out the steak, if you’re only sitting it out for 20-to-30 minutes, that salt dissolves into the meat, adding flavor rather than drying it out.

    Fire Up that Grill

    Don’t be afraid to turn up the temperature on that grill. You want to sear the outside, and that high-heat will give you a great sear. You want to hear the steak sizzle when it hits the grill.

    Throw on the Steaks

    Now that your steaks are at room temperature and your grill is screaming hot, brush some olive oil onto your steaks and season liberally with salt and pepper. The salt and pepper will provide a ton of flavor and give you a great bite in those spots where the steak really sears. Throw the grills down on your hot grill and listen to that sizzle.

    Give the steak four-to-five minutes before flipping over to the other side, but trust your eyes, as well. If you’re not seeing a good sear or the exterior hasn’t browned properly, keep it on longer. Flip it to the other side to finish off your steak, ranging from three-to-five more minutes for medium-rare to up to ten minutes for well-done.

    Understanding Temperature


    The best way to check the doneness of your steak is to know the temperature. Do not, I repeat, do not cut open the steak to check to see if it’s done inside. Get a meat thermometer like this one and use it to check the temperature. If you cut open a steak too early, all of those juices spill out and you get an uneven finish to your steak.

    Let Your Steak Rest

    This may be the most important step to grilling a perfect steak. As mentioned above, if you cut into your steak too soon, all of those great juices will spill out instead of redistributing throughout the meat, giving it an uneven finish. Rest your steak five-to-ten minutes, depending on the size of the cut, and tent it with aluminum foil. Once your steak has rested, and the heat is evenly distributed throughout the meat, your steak is ready to be served.

    Grilling steaks can be a great addition to your summer barbecue. At the end of the day, find your ideal cooking temperature and preferred seasonings, but follow the basic guidelines and you’ll have steakhouse-quality dinners starting tonight. And let that steak rest!