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Holding That Home Event While Social Distancing

    The way our world looks is rapidly changing, and as states consider opening up or lifting restrictions, more and more people are wondering how they can maintain a social life while still adhering to safe social distancing. Since summer is prime season for social gatherings, many want to know if it’s even possible to have a home event and keep a physical difference at the same time. It’s a good question, so let’s dive in for some answers.

    Home events can be anything from birthday parties to a 50-year anniversary celebration. Even something as simple as a dinner party with your neighbors or relatives counts as a home event. But in light of quarantine, how we think about these home events has changed. Let’s explore how you can have that home event after states open up.

    Check Your State and Federal Rules

    First things first – you’ll want to check your state and federal rules to stay up-to-date on restrictions are being lifted. Most states have begun rolling out recommendations and rules, while the CDC has several guidelines that can be followed to maintain a healthy social distance even after restrictions lift. But make sure to check both and try to err on the side of caution. As we have seen with other countries, most places have vastly different ideas on how to be social at home.

    Inventive Ideas to Ponder

    So, how do you have a home event while social distancing? The first thing you need to do is make peace with the reality that your home event is going to look different than it did before and that it’s okay that you had to make changes for the health and safety of your guests.

    The second thing you need to do is get comfortable getting inventive. Right now is the time for creativity so that your home event can be a fun memory and not a cautionary tale. Here are 4 inventive ways to have your upcoming home events.

    1. Personal Protection

    For the safety and comfort of you and your guests consider the areas they will need to use like the bathroom. Make sure to provide plenty of soap, sanitizer, tissue, paper towels and cleaning spray so that they can wipe down any areas they come in contact with before and after use. Also remind them to bring their face mask with them so they have it on hand in case they feel the distancing will be an issue. Depending on how you feel about the subject of face masks, you might want to ask your guests to wear them at all times.

    2. Inside Parties

    Keep plenty of supplies on hand like hand sanitizer and tissue. Arrange your furniture or chairs so that you have the proper 6 foot spacing. With inside events in particular, keep you gathering as small as possible. Think about limiting the items people will touch. Disposable supplies are a good idea and have plenty of boxes of Kleenex and some bottles of hand sanitizer around. Keep in mind that often germs are spread buy touching an infected surface and then touching your face. So be aware of where your hands are and don’t touch your face. If its a party where games will be played think of things like trivial pursuit where one person handles the cards because traditional card games are out.

    3. Outside Parties

    If you have the space outside is ideal. Who doesn’t like sitting around that fire or playing back yard games like bocce ball. The key is to remember to keep you space. When you set up for the party keep your chairs at least 6 feet apart. A little trick is to put something in between them like a table or cooler this will discourage people from moving them closer to each other. Have plenty of disposable wears, such as plastic utensils and paper plates on hand. When it’s time to eat go individually and make sure to have everything spaced so people can get their food and supplies without touching items they will not use. If you like the grill consider skewers or you as the host can wear gloves and serve all your guests.

    4. Limit Your Invites

    If you are going to invite people into your home, then make sure to limit your invites. If there was ever a time to consider who you want at your event now is the time. You may need to make some hard choices but keeping your event to around 10 people is a good way to start. You should ask each guest to only come if they have had no sickness symptoms and are feeling well.

    Try These Tips and Tricks for Socializing While Social Distancing

    Home events might look different now than they did before, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less fun or fulfilling. Try these tips so you can have that home event while maintaining social distancing recommendations!