Home Color Palettes According to Your Zodiac Sign

Home Color Palettes According to Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign and the concept of color psychology bring some insight into the best color palettes. Colors play a critical role in our lives, and therefore we might have a precise idea of what colors to choose for specific situations. And sometimes, we often feel ourselves pulling towards certain shades and tones. We approach the colors that represent our personality and feelings. We might even choose colors to create the environment we want for ourselves. When deciding the exact right paint color for your home, it’s helpful to think about your emotional needs based on your zodiac sign. Look below for your best color palette and also feel free to follow this link to your daily horoscope on HouseLifeToday.com. 


For Aries, red is a dominant color, and it’s most often attributed to this zodiac. It would help if you had a color palette that matches your personality. You do need them to draw the eye; you don’t need colors to be bright. You can go for yellow and orange, as they reflect the mind and body’s excitement. They will radiate power and dominance and anchor with a neutral grey, creating a burning, exciting atmosphere without screaming for attention. You’re consistently drawn to dominant colors, such as red or orange.


Earth tones suit Taurus excellent as they give you a sense of being calm, even when everything else is chaotic. Going with a shade such as light green will energize you and give you the feeling of being connected to the Earth and all the inspiration. With green color in your home, you remind people more of floral gardens and brighter tones. Light shades of pink and pastel green bring to mind flowers blooming and natural beauty as you have a playful aesthetic to your nature.

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