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Homemade Delicious Cold-Weather Drinks

    Everyone has their favorite thing about winter. For some, it’s the cute wardrobe; for others, it’s the poetic beauty in nature’s harshness, and for others, it’s the coziness that you get from wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket. For others still, their favorite part of winter is the season finale ending- hey, not everyone appreciates the cheer, and it’s okay. Surviving winter can be challenging for those who don’t like it, but beating the grey clouds hanging over your head isn’t as hard as it seems! Whip up some exciting, wholesome winter drinks for yourself this season,  And while alcohol is fun and so is losing control sometimes, an alcohol-free season is just as fun if you have the right ingredients stocked up. Not to mention, you won’t be worried about the hangover taking a toll on your productivity. So read on! 

    Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

    Choose this homemade hot chocolate with the delight of gingerbread over the overused store-bought alternative. Super easy to make at home, it ensures a cozy Christmas for you. With cinnamon, allspice, and ginger, this simple drink is a pleasure to be enjoyed on frosty evenings of the Christmas season. You don’t require any packets for this straightforward but exciting recipe. And who won’t undermine the sweet health benefits all these spices bring with them? 

    Barbajada (Milanese Hot Chocolate-Coffee Drink)

    For the never-ending conflict of what is better -coffee or hot chocolate -this deliciously unique and warm chocolate Milanese drink combines to give a solution. Barbajada is the perfect hot chocolate plus coffee drink, satiating your cravings for something hot and frothy to complete the festive season. Bonus points? The whipped cream makes it a great deal better, a sweet excuse for a sweet indulgence, and it’s unbelievably easy to make with simple ingredients and methods. 

    Peanut Atole (Hot Mexican Corn Drink With Peanut Flavor)

    Made very similarly to how you would prepare champurrado, this peanut-flavored hot drink is perfect for curling up with a book and enjoying your evenings. Make it by blending some milk and creamy peanut butter, and then slowly add it into the water and masa mix. Ensure the absence of any lumps and pick out peanut butter with no added sugar or salt. This way, you get to enjoy the best flavor this cold season.

    Spiced Mulled Cider

    The vast potential there is to explore the various ways of making some exceptional mulled cider is fantastic. Yes, sticking to the usual jarred spices with your cinnamon is cool, but imagine how wonderful the flavor of cloves, star anise, cardamom, coriander, and course cinnamon will bloom on your tongue. It’s satisfying as a hot drink without relying on alcohol as a key ingredient so that you can enjoy an alcohol-free winter with this drink!

    Homemade Swiss Miss With Mini Marshmallows

    Let’s be honest. The powdered mix holds a special place in our memories and hearts, and this recipe is to refresh that bias. You can forgive yourself for some easy recipes made with artificial ingredients and cocoa mix, and indeed, this indulgence is well-deserved if it tastes this yummy! A little bit of everything, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and cocoa powder, makes this recipe a full and flavorsome drink. 

    Masala Chai

    This Indian drink is the perfect little antidote to the mild winter blues. One cup of masala chai with warmth brimming in the tastefully mashed up creamy milk, cinnamon, herbal tea, and a dash of sweetness is the loveliest option to beat the blues and lose yourself in the cheer of the season. The bonus effect of masala chai is that it instantly freshens your mood. Are you looking for a burst of productivity? Look no further than this drink!

    Vanilla Chai Latte 

    The vanilla chai latte is indeed a wholesome addition to the cold wintery hours. It’s a sweet and delicate drink that will instantly take you to your warmest memories and help you build more. Imagine the delight of sipping at this drink as you relax next to a fireplace, your favorite classic in hand. Equal parts sophisticated and homely, you can upgrade it with frothed milk foam or enjoy the simple blend of spices like ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. 

    Homemade Vegan Hot Chocolate

    Everyone has a right over coziness and winter drinks during the cold months, but finding something dairy-free can be difficult. But a homemade hot chocolate recipe for vegans? A splendid delight! With some cocoa powder, some maple syrup, and some of the usual dairy-free ingredients, you can enjoy a creamy homemade hot chocolate without guilting your conscience! It’s delicious, very chocolatey, and very comforting. Just the thing you’re looking for this season. 


    The clouds might be out, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay without warmth! The fun part about these colder months is the way they give you a chance to grab some treasured, cozy moments by yourself and your loved ones. These non-alcoholic drinks will drive the blues away, and you’ll be back to yourself again. And the unique thing about all these homemade hot drinks is that they’re alcohol-free, so you can enjoy some fun family time, too, or sip on them as you get your work done.