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Homemade Decorative Wreaths

    Be it any occasion or season; we feel the need to decorate our houses to bring in cheerful and happy vibes. Every house decoration starts with the front door, and wreaths are considered traditional ornaments used to decorate the doors for many holidays like Christmas and Halloween. If you like placing a seasonal wreath on your front door, then these fun wreath ideas will be your ticket. These wreaths are perfect crafts that can be easily used at any time of the year. These gorgeous and easy handmade wreaths will make your front door look highly impressive and creative. The fun fact about these DIY wreath ideas is, they are super cheap and fun to make. This article brings you a few easy and quick DIY wreath ideas. 

    Hello Spring Wreath 

    Here is what you’ll need to create this DIY Spring Wreath

    • Foam Wreath Form
    • ½ Yard of Fabric
    • Floral Pins
    • Two Floral Sprigs 
    • Two Bunches of Tulips 
    • Scissors 
    • Cutting Mat
    • Wide Grosgrain Ribbon
    • Chipboard Hello
    • Yellow Paint & Brush
    • Hot Glue 


    • Start by painting your “hello” clipboard in any color you want, as it can dry while you assemble the rest of the wreath.
    • Cut your fabric by using mat and cutter into 3″ wide strips to wrap it around the wreath form.
    • Starting on the backside of your foam, secure the fabric strip in place with a floral pin, and begin wrapping the fabric around the foam. Keep wrapping the material until the entire wreath form is covered.
    • After covering your foam, add on some flowers and filler sprigs to it. Place the sprigs criss-cross and secure them with floral pins. And add some tulips in a scattered fashion and secure them.
    • Take your beautiful grosgrain ribbon and wrap it around the center of your wreath to hide all your floral pins and flower stems.
    • Lastly, glue on your “hello” clipboard, and you’re all done!


    Butterfly Wreath Covered with Moss

    Here is what you will need to create this DIY butterfly wreath covered with moss

    • A Sheet of Moss
    • Foam Wreath Form
    • Hot Glue
    • Satin Ribbon
    • Artificial Butterflies


    • Cut the moss sheet into strips wide enough to cover the wreath form.
    • Start covering your wreath form with these moss strips with the help of hot glue.
    • If your butterflies have long writers attached, cut it to an inch and a half. Stick the butterflies on the wreath with glue, and let it dry.
    • Lastly, add a beautiful satin ribbon and hang it up on your front door.


    Birds Nest Spring Wreath

    Here is what you’ll need to create this DIY bird nest spring wreath

    • Twelve-inch Wreath Form
    • Durafoam Eggs
    • Blue Chevron Burlap Ribbon
    • Decorative Bird Nest (small size)
    • Americana Chalky Paint in Color Escape Blue
    • Wired Linen Flowers (small size)
    • Paint Brush Set
    • Stick Pins
    • Twist Tie
    • Glue Gun
    • Burlap Ribbon Branches  
    • Acrylic Paint – Milk Chocolate Brown and Spa Blue  


    • Start this DIY wreath by sticking the ribbon to the foam’s wreath on the backside; three or even two pins are fantastic. Cover the wreath with a ribbon tightly. 
    • After wrapping your wreath, it’s the ideal time to decorate and work on all the other embellishments. You can paint your eggs blue, and to keep it more natural, spray a pinch of brown color over them. And leave them to dry.
    • Places some branches over your wreath and tie them accordingly. You can then glue small sticks in some spaces so that the branches do not fall off.
    • Fasten a tiny nest to your wreath using a hot glue gun. You can dig the eggs into the right place by using hot glue or toothpicks. Add now to hide the tide. On the branches, you can add some burlap blossoms.
    • Lastly, wrap a burlap ribbon strip above the wreath and connect both the ends according to your suitable hanging length.


    Cherry Blossom Wreath

    Here is what you’ll need to create this DIY cherry blossom wreath

    • Ribbon
    • Scissors
    • Pair of Wire Snips
    • Flowers
    • Glue
    • Heart Grapevine Wreath
    • Two Flower Stems
    • Floral Wire
    • Floral Wire Cutters     


    • To make this beautiful wreath, start by trimming the floral stem accordingly as it can fit around your grapevine wreath. Cover the wreath with these flowers with the help of a floral wire.
    • To help fill in small gaps, add some loose flowers with a small amount of hot glue.
    • Lastly, add a hot pink satin ribbon on the top of your wreath to hang it with a command hook on your front door, and you are all ready to go.


    Floral Spring Wreath 

    Here is what you’ll need to create this DIY floral spring wreath

    • Embroidery Hoop
    • Preserved Moss
    • Faux Flowers
    • Wire Cutters
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Ribbon


    • Take bits of your faux moss and start by sticking them with the help of hot glue to your embroidery hoop. Layer it all beautifully, and remember to go up higher on your embroidery hoop’s right side to create an asymmetrical look.
    • Then take your wire cutters and chop your faux flowers off from their stems. Try and get as close to the flower heads as possible without destroying them so they’ll sit more flush and elegantly against your moss.
    • After cutting the flowers, take some more hot glue and stick those flowers to your spring wreath in whatever layout you desire. And keep it aside to dry.
    • Lastly, add some ribbon and make a hanging loop for your beautiful spring wreath. Then hang it on your door with the help of a command hook on the backside. Then you’re all done and ready to enjoy your hard work.