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How To Clean Up Dust In Your Home

    Dust is a part of life. It’s something that we cannot avoid, and it’s also the cause of many health problems. We’re around dust all day long, but it doesn’t have to be in our homes! There are many ways to clean up the dust in your home without using expensive products or ending up with more dust on your hands than you started with. Here are some different methods that can help keep your house cleaner for more extended periods.

    Dust Furniture And Electronics With A Microfiber Cloth

    Microfiber is the best material for dusting because it attracts and captures dirt so well! You can purchase microfiber clothes at any hardware store, but you might find that some of your regular cleaning rags work just as well. They’re easier on delicate surfaces like wood than traditional cotton rags, which means fewer scratches over time! Save those old t-shirts or worn-out towels from being thrown away by using them to clean up the dust in your home instead – they’ll be doubly effective since they already have soap residue left behind from previous washes.

    Clean Behind Appliances With Vinegar Water

    Behind appliances such as stoves, fridges, washers, and dryers are prime areas for collecting dirt and dust bunnies alike; however, they’re often hard to reach with traditional cleaning products. Try putting some vinegar into a spray bottle (about half water/half vinegar) and spritzing behind any of these appliances after removing them from their place in your home. Let sit for 15 minutes before wiping away with a dry cloth.

    Give Your Blinds A Monthly Deep Cleaning

    Blinds are often an afterthought when it comes to cleaning, but they can collect dirt and grime over time that will inevitably end up in our homes if we don’t get rid of them! Start by obliterating your blind from its place on the windowsill (you might need somebody’s help with this part). Next, take some warm water mixed with vinegar or dish soap (about half/half) and wipe down each slat individually until you’ve removed all the collected gunk. Then use another damp towel to give it one final rinse before letting it dry overnight – repeat once every month for best results.

    Keep Floors Dust Free With A Swiffer Dry Mop

    Swiffer dry mops are a lifesaver for those who don’t have time to give our floors a bucket and sponge clean regularly. They’re especially great for picking up dust on hardwood or laminate flooring! All you need is some water mixed with vinegar (about half/half) in the cleaning pad that comes with your swifter, and it will leave behind no streaks, all while pulling away any lingering dirt from small crevices between boards. This method can also be used one-time as an emergency substitute when mopping!

    Give Your Mattress A Quick Vacuum

    It might seem like too much effort but giving your mattress a quick vacuum once every week is one way to prevent dust mites from multiplying and nesting within its fibers over time (which would make it nearly impossible to get rid of). Simply remove any duvet covers you have before vacuuming straight across all of the bed using slow, even motions. Live in an area with an arid climate (or use a dehumidifier to control humidity). This might not be necessary – but if your mattress is exposed to more moisture or accumulates dirt often, it’s best to invest some time into taking care of it every week!

    Keep Your Pets Well-Groomed

    It’s easy to forget that our pets often play a big part in how quickly the dust accumulates around the house, especially if they’re shedding everywhere! An excellent way to combat pet hair is by running lint brushes overall upholstered furniture surfaces at least twice a week. If you have carpeted floors, this will remove any pet hair before it has time to land on or settle into fibers – plus, your home will smell like fresh laundry afterward!

    Invest In An Air Purifier

    Dust particles are very easily inhaled and can cause respiratory issues if not removed from the air as soon as possible. It also doesn’t help that most of us spend so much time indoors with enough airflow to carry away these hazardous particles. The solution? Investing in an air purifier! An air purifier will trap particles much smaller than the size of a human hair, making them safe to breathe again. They come in many different forms – some are small enough that they can sit on top of your desk at work, while others can be found as large floor models meant for living rooms or even entire houses!


    Now that you’ve learned about these methods for defending your house against dust, you’ll be able to breathe easier knowing you’ve done all you can to keep it out of your home. Make sure to do lots of research before buying any products to make sure they’re the best choice for your home environment! Also, keep in mind that you should always consult with your doctor before you change the way you clean or work around dust, as some people are naturally more sensitive to its effects.