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How To Make Natural Weed Killer

    Weeds grow everywhere, and for a good reason, when you plant a garden, there is excellent soil, ample water, and good sunshine. However, weeds can spoil the growth of your plants and make the place look nasty and unruly, so it is best to get rid of them fast. If you do not want to use chemical products and wish to use something more natural, you have landed in the right place as you will get to know about a great recipe that you can use to get rid of weeds.

      • Add one gallon of white vinegar to a bucket. You can use the 5% household vinegar, which works fine even though it is not as strong, but in two to three days, you will see the weeds die out. 
      • Add a cup of salt. Now stir this mixture till the salt gets dissolved completely. 
      • Add one tablespoon of any dishwashing soap to the mixture; this dishwashing soap will attach and coat the weeds and make sure the rest of the mix does its job of killing the weeds.


    The main active ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid, and all household vinegar has about 5% acetic acid. Acetic acid is a desiccant. If it is on any plant, it draws the water out of the plant, thus killing the plant. In addition, vinegar is not very good in the soil, and in a few weeks, the vinegar will leave the soil. If vinegar falls on some other plant nearby, then there might be some browning, but other than that, no other plant will be affected. 


    Salt is similar to vinegar in it acts as a desiccant. Salt is added to weed killers because it is much more robust, and it can kill some plants that the vinegar might not be able to kill. However, salt can affect other plants, and its effects continue to affect the soil much longer than vinegar does. 


    Soap can increase the spread of the vinegar and salt on the leaves and ensure that the mixture stays there. In addition, some plants can have a protective and waxy surface, and this surface breaks down by using soap.

    Application And Use

    It is essential to know that this mixture is not selective to any weed, and it will kill any plant that comes in contact with the mixture. For the best possible results, apply this mixture on a dry and sunny day and make sure that the weeds are fully coated with this mixture. Within one week, the plants die after you apply the mixture. 

    Ensure that you do not drop any of the mixtures on the ground because this can destroy the soil. If you are spraying this over a large area, ensure that you follow some strategy to build up the soil. After using the weed killer, you can use it after a long time as its potency does not drop, but make sure that you label the bottle before storing it. 

    Pull Weeds With Your Hands

    If you want your garden to be entirely safe, then pulling out the weeds by hand is the best idea because there will be no harmful effects on the soil, and it is also safe for the environment. You can also pull out the weeds when there is rain or after the rain as the soil gets soft and it becomes easy to remove weeds. Pulling weeds out with your hands is more complex and more time-consuming when compared to spraying something, but it is also more worth it for the soil and the plant’s health.


    It is better to grow plants separately in containers or pots and then plant them in the ground. This is because weeds will grow much faster than the average plant, and they will take up all the sun and nutrients preventing your plants from growing well. The weed-killing mixture is effective, so use it well and remember to nourish and water the soil after the weeds are dead because you do not want the mix to be left in the ground because it affects other plants and soil microbes.