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How To Minimize Pests On Berry Plants

    Like every other living being, plants also face issues as they grow like pests or diseases. Berry bushes are a great addition to your garden and are easy to grow. But sometimes, pest numbers may occur more than usual and may do some serious damage to your plants. If you’re a serious gardener and want to get rid of pests and diseases from your plants, here are some of the most common pests that may attack your blackberry or raspberry plant and how you can get rid of them. 

    Blackberry Pests

    There are three categories of the most common blackberry pests you’ll find in your yard :

    • Blackberry beetles 
    • Rose chafers
    • Tiny white worms 
    • Red-necked cane borers
    • Two-spotted mites
    • Rose scales
    • Stink bugs

    You can naturally manage all of these pests. Try the methods mentioned below, and there’s no need to use any harmful chemicals as you will eat these fruits. 

    How To Get Rid Of The Blackberry Bugs?

    You may find bugs or tiny worms crawling on the bushes. These bugs are usually red berry mites that eat the leaves of the berries and disturb the overall development of the plant. If you see red berry mites on your plants, you can get rid of them with the help of liquid lime sulfur. It is best to buy natural or pure lime sulfur. 

    Mix the lime sulfur with 1 gallon of pure water and then pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the bushes every week to help control red mites from eating up your berries. Don’t forget to wash the berries before eating.

    If you want to avoid this, you can also use soapy water by mixing 1 cup of water and 8 drops of dish soap. 

    How To Prevent Worms In Blackberries? 

    You can get rid of the worms in your blackberries by using the following remedy:

    • The best way to prevent worms is to pick the fruit before it over-ripens. It’s because overripe fruits attract fruit flies to lay eggs there. 
    • You can squeeze a lemon in hot water and wash the berries in it before consuming it. 
    • Another efficient trick is to soak the berries in saltwater as this way, worms come out and float on the top. 

    How To Prevent The Blackberry Fungus?

    If you want to protect your blackberry plant from disease and fungus, use copper fungicide sprays for blackberries. You may have to spray it more than once as they come off easily after heavy winds or rains. 


    Raspberries come in various shades of gold and red. It takes a plant around two years at first to give fruits. Pests can cause little issues, but they aren’t impossible to handle. 

    How To Get Rid Of Raspberries Worms 

    Fruit worms could be annoying to deal with, but prevention is the key here. Try the following remedies to get rid of worms:

    • Remove all the weeds and debris around your trees or bushes to prevent moths from laying eggs there. 
    • Pick the infected fruits and dispose of them to prevent the spreading of the infection. 
    • Wash the fruits in hot water before consuming them. 

    Bugs And Beetles In Raspberry Plants

    You will primarily see stink bugs or harlequin bugs on the raspberry plant. These bugs lay barrel-shaped eggs in clusters and suck out the juices from the plant. If left untreated, your plant may eventually die. Try the following tips to get rid of bugs:

    • Handpick bugs if you can, or spray them with soapy water. 
    • Another way to keep these bugs away is to plant a companion strongly scented plant like mint, garlic, sage, or rosemary. 
    • You can also try insect netting. 

    How To Prevent Mites In A Raspberry Plant? 

    These mites are tiny relatives of spiders and are typically on the undersides of leaves. You can check them by placing a sheet of white paper underneath the leaves and gently tap. If you see moving creatures on the paper, you have a problem. 

    The treatment options for these mites are :

    • One natural way to get rid of these mites is by putting the beneficial insects to work. Ladybugs might help you with that. 
    • Homemade sprays are also beneficial in this situation. You can make a spray with garlic or with equal parts water and alcohol. 

    These were some common pests you will notice in your garden if you have planted berries. If the problem persists, you can use a chemical solution but make sure it’s not harmful. 

    Here are some common ways to keep your plant healthy and to prevent pest attacks :

    1. Choose your plants wisely – Some varieties of plants are more prone to pests and disease than others. The best way to keep your plants healthy is to choose a pest-resistant plant. You can search online about such plants. 
    2. Employ physical barriers – Another natural way to prevent pests in your garden is to employ physical barriers between insects and plants. You can use a  floating row cover, a spun-bond, lightweight fabric that rests on top of the plants, or wire hoops.

    Summing Up

    By employing the strategies mentioned above, you can’t only keep your berry plants healthy but any plant for that matter. Try to avoid harmful pesticides as you’re going to eat the fruits eventually. Also, check your plants regularly to ensure proper health.