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LED Yard Light Trends

    When decorating outdoor living spaces, you have a lot more room for creativity as you are working with nature and not boxed rooms. Simple accents like the right lighting can add a whole new world of charm to the outdoor space and provide you that much needed open-air sanctuary. Here we list down some of the prevalent LED yard lighting trends that can jazz up your yard and save you money at the same time.

    Pop of Color

    The era of white lights is long gone, especially for yard lighting. Colorful led lighting can brighten an otherwise dull outdoor space. If your backyard features mostly natural, earthy tones, then incorporating a little bit of blues and greens might do some good and make it more attractive.

    In fact, adding in a little nook with LED tube lighting can create an inspiringly cute space for your children and for you.

    Fairy Lights

    A long row of twinkling fairy lights never fails to impress. Hang them on your pergola your tree branches or lay them over bushes, they add a magical charm that is unbeatable. They also cast a warm glow over the yard, making it look more inviting.

    You can even concentrate them around the fire pit or the seating area to add definition and depth to space. Wrap them around a hammock, a pergola, or other decorative structure in your yard to make it even more appealing.

    Hidden Lights

    Lights incorporated within shrubbery are another LED yard lighting trend bound to astound everyone. It adds dimension to space by defining the landscaping and making it even more aesthetically appealing. They also help illuminate all the best features of the yard, and you can incorporate waterproof LED lights below a tree and within flower beds.

    Hidden lights are what will make your outdoor space the start of your late-night barbecue party or bonfire nights.

    Pathway Lighting

    An illuminated walkway is always a stunner, whether in your front yard or backyard. It is a trend that is functional and adds a stylish flair to the outdoor space. If your yard has stairs with a railing, then, led lights along the wall can make an envy-inspiring style statement.

    If the steps leading up to and out your door don’t have a railing, then you can opt for step and path lights. They are tube or rope lights that illuminate each step from below, casting a soft glow that illuminates the structure and adds to its beauty.

    Moroccan style lanterns placed along flat pathways also create a magical fairy-tale-like aura. You can also opt for patterned lamps that cast the light in beautiful silhouettes creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.

    Solar-Powered LEDs

    In the latest LED yard lighting trends, solar-powered LEDs seem to be taking the crown. A greater number of manufacturers are incorporating solar-powered LED’s in their outdoor living spaces as they are the latest and most prevalent yard lighting trend. You can now choose from a variety of designs that you can use for step lighting, outdoor wall lighting, and even for illuminating the landscaping.