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Make Your Garden Zen

    Zen gardens were created to imitate the essence of nature; they were places where people could meditate about the true meaning of life and find inner peace. They were designed to stimulate meditation. It is a way of life that is associated with stress reduction. It is supposed to invoke feelings of calmness, peace, and tranquility. These gardens have now gained popularity and can be recreated in your backyard. The Zen garden elements are bridges, stones, Islands, plants or flowers, sand, trees, waterfalls, and water.

     It is very easy to completely transform your background into a peaceful paradise by adding a new element or two. You only have to move some things around and change a few elements in some cases. There is always a way for you to get your perfect Zen garden whether you want to turn the entire backyard into a Zen garden or create a small peaceful place where you can sit at the end of a busy, tiring day and unwind.

    To transform your background is surprisingly very cheap and easy. If you want to build your little Paradise, here are some fantastic Zen garden features that you need to know. They are such simple ideas but make a profound impact. They are great in every way; not only will they help you calm your mind, but they will also improve the look of any place they are set up to.

    1.   Rock and sand are at the heart of almost all the Zen gardens. You can simply create a spot for sand and add rocks wherever you want; this adds a bit of Zen to your backyard. You can also keep a small rake to move the sand about time and again or look like a ripple to resemble Ocean waves. After all, the ocean waves are are the most relaxing!
    2.   Parts and plants. You can create paths to walk through easily with some DIY stepping stone and add a variety of plants; moss and other greenery will also work. The simple step that you can do overtime or spend your weekend doing. This will completely transform your backyard into a beautiful Zen Paradise.  
    3.   Adding moss. Just like sand and rocks, moss is another vital aspect of your Zen garden. Moss grows well where other plants and flowers cannot, and that is why it is an excellent cover for grounds with poor soil quality. Moss is also one of the essential plants in the Japanese Zen garden. You can plant moss at the center of your sand or rock path. You can also have containers with most around your relaxation area.
    4.   Keep it simple. There are several ways to build your own outdoor Zen garden. You can add so many elements or eliminate some. To get more of that Zen feeling, a bench is advisable. You can also add pagoda lanterns. Make sure that whatever you do, just don’t overload your backyard with too many elements because the key is to keep it simple.
    5.   Turn narrow side yard into a Zen garden. If you have a narrow side yard, it would be a perfect place to build your Zen garden. Pay close attention to giving everything an even and squared look. Although time-consuming, this will turn it into a lovely place where you can relax and watch the world go by.
    6.   Low water Zen garden. Water is another essential element of a Zen garden, but you don’t have to use a lot of water to get the same result. Build low pools and garden, which will save your time money, and you will have your perfect place where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day. It is also aesthetically pleasing and an excellent solution for small backyards.
    7.   Add planting pillars. One of the most straightforward changes that you can make is putting plants into tall pillars to give them that Zen effect. This simple undertaking can finish in a weekend or less. If you can build the pillars yourself, you can save money on the project. Don’t forget to add the lights!
    8.   Add colors. Think of some peaceful colored perennials and mix them up with white for a relaxing effect. The Japanese cherry blossoms add the most gorgeous and relaxing effects. If not these you can go for plants that offer a similar color scheme for that Zen effect.
    9.   Add bamboo; this will definitely give you the feeling of being in Japan itself. Try adding a DIY bamboo water feature that is an easy thing to do. If not this, you can add bamboo fencing around the garden. Moreover, bamboo is not as expensive as you may think!
    10. Add a Japanese stone path built into wooden squares. Create a path from your back door or between your plants to the area where your Zen garden ends. All you will need is 2×4’s and a few stones to create the path. You can also add river rocks and build them into any design that you want.

     Many people like to keep tabletops and gardens on their work tables to take a break during the day.

    Desk style Zen gardens are so relaxing because these tiny versions are thought to help increase meditation and mindfulness. It is believed that creating swirling patterns and raking the sand of these desk style Zen gardens can help calm and relax your mind.

    Not everyone has the time-space and energy to cultivate a full-sized Zen garden, but almost everyone can find room for keeping a desktop-style Zen garden at home or office.

    Miniature zen gardens may also corporate sand gravel, figurines, smooth stones, and greenery to create an inspiring setting. Mindfully placed stones, small Buddha statues, swelling patterns of sand, and natural greenery can enhance their effect.

     Benefits of having desktop-style Zen gardens are:

    1.   If you are a spiritual person, it can serve as a reminder and enhancement of your practice. Mindfulness should not necessarily be kept as a limited time set aside for meditation or study. The goal should be to stay connected with it, throughout the day. A small Zen garden within the view can help you calm your mind.
    2.   Zen garden with stones and sand which you can rearrange and comb respectively has a calming, meditative, and soothing effect on your mind. Miniature Zen gardens with subtle greenery bring a naturally relaxing energy to any place. Something that contributes more to the peace and serenity is the presence of a Buddha statue near or in the garden.
    3.   A desk style Zen garden can serve as a reminder of the benefits of staying focused and dedicated. This way, the focus and concentration you develop can benefit other areas of your life as well. Through this practice, you also yield numerous benefits.
    4.   The presence of a Zen garden also stimulates problem-solving skills and creativity. Meditation, as you know, promotes innovative thinking and enhances new ideas. Zen gardens and terrariums are also available in inspiring shapes like abstract art or yin and yang symbols. You can also add whimsical animals and figurines to your desktop Zen garden.
    5.   Miniature Zen gardens are famous for their simplicity; we can bring beauty to any setting and enhance your decor. Their Grace and appeal are contributed to by the Japanese concepts of Kanso (simplicity) and Fukinsei (asymmetrical balance).

    Desktop styles Zen gardens have a range of excellent benefits, and there is a style for every decor and taste. There is an idle desktop Zen garden for every home or workplace.

    To make your mini Zen garden:

     Step 1: Fill a container with sand and essential oils. Pour sand in your container, and even it out, add a few drops of essential oils for the aroma. You can also add jojoba oil drops to give your sand a wet look.

    Step 2: Place trinkets and stones. Place stones in a group or however you like. Know that you can always change the arrangement later if you want to mix things up. Decorative trinkets are a great idea.

     Step 3: Add plants. When adding live plants, divide and separate the space for plants and sand. Make sure that you don’t over water your plants, for they can drown!

    Step 4: Create sand patterns with a mini rake. Because this is a mini Zen garden, you can rake patterns in the sand; however, you often like it. Raking distresses and can ease your mind or process your thoughts.

     Place your garden in your room to start and end your day with a clear head. You can also add a few complementary plants. Plants have beneficial effects on our health, just like these mini Zen gardens. You can even create this as a gift for your loved ones.

    Now you have a mini Zen garden that you can call your own. You are now on your way to become a more mindful version of yourself.